This trick will help you save a lot of space on your Xiaomi

This trick will help you save a lot of space on your Xiaomi

Nothing in the world fills up as fast as a smartphone gallery does. It is normal for users to spend hours deleting images trying to free up some memory . Although this method is not the fastest or the most efficient. If you really want to save a lot of space on your Xiaomi, then we have a trick for you.

Xiaomi is putting more and more effort into the photographic quality of its mobile devices. Just look at what they have achieved with the Xiaomi 12S Ultra . However, the better the resolution, the more space the photos take up in storage . To combat this, the manufacturer provides you with a quick fit that will allow you to save space without sacrificing quality.

Activate the HEIF format to save space on your Xiaomi

The great secret to save space on your Xiaomi is the HEIF format. This stands for High Efficiency Image File Format . In simple terms, this function compresses files in JPG or PNG format and manages to maintain image quality.

Comparison between JPEG and HEIF
Comparison between JPEG and HEIF format. Credits:

You can activate the HEIF format from the MIUI camera settings. Images with .heic, .heif, or .hvec extensions take up to 60% less space than a JPEG image . However, it should be noted that not all Xiaomi phones have this function.

For now, only high-end devices such as the Xiaomi Mi 10 or Mi 11 have this function among the camera settings. Other users with lower-end mobiles can use the 'Free up space' function in the gallery or the rest of the optimization tools offered by MIUI or third-parties.

To activate the HEIF format in your Xiaomi camera and start saving space, you just need to follow this path:

  • Enter the camera of your Xiaomi.
  • Open the settings section.
  • Turn on the switch for ' HEIF Format '.

Advantages and disadvantages of the HEIF format

Advantages of the HEIF format to save space on your Xiaomi

Saving space on your Xiaomi and maintaining the quality of the photos are the main advantages offered by the HEIF format. However, it is also excellent for the following reasons:

  • It allows you to create sequences of images or Gifs of low weight.
  • Records a color depth of 15 bits.
  • Allows you to store text and audio files.

However, it is worth noting that the HEIF format suffers from a serious disadvantage. And it is that this format is not compatible with many devices, applications or even web browsers . Therefore, it is essential that you evaluate if you really need this function for your photographs.

In any case, there is no doubt that activating the HEIF format is a good option to save a lot of space on a Xiaomi mobile. If you want to know more tricks like this, follow us through the XIAOMIADICTOS social networks so you don't miss anything.

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