Teamoon Empire Anime Adaptation Announced with Visual and PV

Teamoon Empire Anime Adaptation Announced with Visual and PV

September 17, 2022

A tweet on the official Twitter account recently revealed that Nozomu Mochizuki's light novel Teaarmoon Empire (Jap. Tearmoon Teikoku Monogatari ) is getting an anime adaptation. In line with the announcement, a first visual and first teaser were also published (see below).

Teamoon Empire is being created by SILVER LINK studio, directed by Yūshi Ibe and will be released in Japan in 2023 . Character design is by Mai Otsuka and music is by Koji Fujimoto. It is not yet known whether a simulcast is planned for one of the local streaming services. Should this change, you will of course find out from us.

Furthermore, Sumire Uesaka has already been revealed as voice actress for the protagonist Mia Luna Teamoon.

The fantasy anime Teamoon Empire adapts the light novel of the same name by Nozomu Mochizuki, which has been published in Japan since 2018. First on the platform Shōsetsuka ni narō and later in book form with the publisher TO Books , which has published ten volumes so far. A manga adaptation penned by Mizu Morino, which has five volumes to date, began in August 2019.




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This is what Teamoon Empire is about:

Surrounded by the hateful gazes of her people, the selfish princess of the fallen Teamoon Empire, Mia, catches one last glimpse of the bleeding sun before the guillotine cleaver falls… Only to wake up at the age of twelve! With time turned back and a second chance at life, Mia sets out to right the myriad injustices that plague the crumbling empire. corrupt government? Check. border disputes? Check. Natural disasters and economic problems? Check. That looks like a lot of work.

Hard work and Mia don't mix, so she seeks the help of others, starting with her loyal Maid Anne and the brilliant Minister Ludwig. Together they work day and night to restore the Empire. Step by step, their tireless efforts ensure that the course of history is changed and the whole continent is led into a new future. But why did the selfish princess change like this you ask? It's simple – she hasn't. She's just terrified of the guillotine. It hurts terribly and Mia hates pain more than work.

Source: Twitter Images: ©餅月望・TOブックス/ティアムーン帝国物語製作委員会2023

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