Best PC Controller: 5 Gamepads for Gaming on the Computer

Best PC Controller: 5 Gamepads for Gaming on the Computer

Action-adventures, racing games, platformers, sports games: many PC games are simply more fun with a gamepad. We present the best PC controllers for beginners and ambitious gamers.

By Sven Wernicke

Trust GXT 540 Yula: PC controller for beginners


The Trust GXT 540 Yula is well suited for casual gamers. Image: © Trust 2022

If you play infrequently, it doesn't have to be an expensive premium controller. The wired entry- level model Trust GXT 540 Yula is then a good choice. The ergonomic design and rubber coating ensure a secure grip. The 13 buttons, the D-Pad and the two analog sticks are based on the design of the Xbox controller.

With the GXT 540 Yula you can play all games with controller support. The gamepad is not only suitable for the PC, but also for many other devices such as Raspberry Pi, PlayStation 3 and even the Nvidia Shield and some Smart TVs. The USB connection cable has a good length of three meters.

Per against
+ Good controller for casual gamers – No Bluetooth for wireless connection
+ Versatile use – No vibration effects
+ Long USB cable

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Xbox Wireless Controller: Proven top quality


You can't go wrong with the Xbox controller on the PC either. Image: © Microsoft 2022

The Xbox controller is rightly considered one of the best controllers: it has fantastic ergonomics and an optimal weight, as well as perfectly accessible buttons and analog sticks. The latest variant leaves nothing to be desired: you can connect the controller to your computer via USB, alternatively you can use Bluetooth for a wireless connection. Customization is done through the Xbox application of Windows.

Of course, you can also use the Xbox Wireless Controller on the Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X. It also works seamlessly with Apple TV, Android smartphones, as well as smart TVs and streaming players with gaming capabilities.

Per against
+ First-class processing – USB cable not included
+ Vibration effects from integrated motors
+ Compatible with a wide range of devices
+ Connection via USB or Bluetooth

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Power A XBX Spectra Wired Controller: Brings color into the game


If you don't want to do without LED lighting on the gamepad either, you can use the XBX Spectra Wired Controller. Image: © Power A 2022

Power A's XBX Spectra Wired Controller is an officially licensed gamepad that meets Microsoft's quality standards. The PC controller looks almost confusingly similar to the original Xbox controller, special features are two individually assignable gaming buttons and a headset rotary control for volume control and quick muting.

The optical highlight is the LED lighting of the buttons, the control pad and the analog sticks, you can even adjust the colors. The Spectra Wired Controller is compatible with Windows PCs and Xbox Series X/S, and the 10-foot USB cable should suffice for most situations.

Per against
+ High-quality processing – No Bluetooth for wireless connection
+ Long USB cable
+ LED lighting
+ Programmable buttons, headset dial
+ Vibration effects from integrated motors

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Razer Wolverine V2: Highly precise and super fast


In hair trigger mode, the Wolverine V2's buttons react particularly quickly. Image: © Razer 2022

The Wolverine V2 is a powerful game controller for the highest demands. Razer developed it for gaming on the Xbox Series X/S, but it also works with the PC without restrictions. Connect the gamepad with the three meter cable and get started. You can assign the additional keys on the front according to your own ideas.

The action buttons and the control pad with mecha-tactile technology, which promise exceptionally quick triggering, are exciting. In hair trigger mode, you fire particularly quickly by reducing the resistance when you press the button. You switch the mode off again at the push of a button. The only downside: A wireless connection to the PC is not possible.

Per against
+ Function keys and directional pad trigger extremely quickly – No Bluetooth for wireless connection
+ Hair trigger mode for very fast firing
+ Freely assignable additional keys
+ Long USB cable

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Xbox Elite Controller V2: Adapts to your wishes


The Xbox Elite Controller V2 makes gamers' dreams come true. Image: © Microsoft 2022

With the current Xbox Elite Controller from Microsoft you get a powerful PC controller that is beyond any doubt. The ability to fully customize it is awesome. You can switch thumbsticks, paddles and the directional pad. The tools required for this and the corresponding accessories are included with the controller.

Other highlights: You can set the pressure point of the analog sticks yourself, and the wrap-around grips always guarantee a secure hold, even during intensive gaming sessions. The battery of the Xbox Elite Controller has a runtime of up to 40 hours, you recharge it in the supplied case.

Per against
+ Excellent quality – Expensive
+ Completely customizable – Oversized for beginners
+ Extensive range of accessories including charging case and USB cable
+ Compatible with many devices (PC, Xbox, streaming player etc.)

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What you should consider when buying a PC controller

The range of PC controllers is huge, models are available for as little as 15 euros. Which is the best gamepad for you? Before you buy, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Cable or wireless: Consider in advance whether you want to connect your new controller to your computer with a cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. The advantages of wired controllers are the usually lower price, the uncomplicated setup and the low input lag, which is also important for more demanding gamers. However, many gamers find cables annoying and prefer controllers with the established wireless standard Bluetooth, even if these are usually significantly more expensive.

Inexpensive vs. expensive: Inexpensive PC controllers are aimed at casual gamers who place less value on particularly precise buttons or a wide range of customization options. High-quality gamepads are intended for experienced users who want many comfort functions and first-class workmanship. A good compromise are controllers in the price range between 50 and 70 euros.

Xbox controllers: Most controllers for Microsoft's gaming consoles, especially the wired ones, are fully compatible with Windows 10 and 11. Almost all PC games with controller support are designed for these gamepads with a uniform design.


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