Fitbit innovations in autumn 2022: Get fitter and live healthier

Fitbit innovations in autumn 2022: Get fitter and live healthier

Fitbit is presenting three new wearables for everyone who wants to get fitter and live a healthier life: the Versa 4 and Sense 2 smartwatches and the Inspire 3 fitness tracker. We'll tell you what the new device generations are capable of and which model suits you best.

The Fitbit line-up for fall, which was officially presented on Wednesday, includes three new models. The fitness and health smartwatches Versa 4 and Sense 2 help you to improve your athletic skills, cope better with everyday stress and keep an eye on important health data. The fitness tracker Inspire 3, on the other hand, is aimed more at beginners who need a little boost of motivation to move more in everyday life and take better care of themselves.

All three models are lighter and slimmer than their predecessors. So they can be worn comfortably 24/7.

Fitbit Versa 4: Off to peak athletic performance


The Fitbit Versa 4 is particularly fitness-oriented, the Sense 2 more health-oriented. Image: © Google/Fitbit 2022

The new Fitbit Versa 4 is a fitness-focused smartwatch that offers more than 40 different training modes. It also provides you with important data at a glance during the workout, tracks active zone minutes and has GPS on board. Premium functions include the daily form index, which, based on previous training and health data such as resting heart rate and sleep quality, tells you whether you are ready to get going again or whether a day of relaxation would do you better.

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Fitbit Sense 2: Stress, let it go!

The Sense 2 is Fitbit's most advanced health smartwatch to date. It helps you keep track of your heart health. To do this, it not only measures your heart rate, but also heart rate variability and can detect cardiac arrhythmias using the ECG app. Together with other sensors, for example for measuring body temperature and a cEDA sensor, physical reactions to stress are recorded and countermeasures are recommended.

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According to the manufacturer, both smartwatches offer a battery life of up to 6 days.

Fitbit Inspire 3: Get started quickly and easily

If you are looking for a cheap and simple fitness tracker that encourages you to exercise more every day, the new Inspire 3 is a good choice. It also provides activity and health data such as heart rate, sleep quality, stress and more. The model automatically tracks active zone minutes when moving. In addition, the fitness tracker has a slim and light design, does not interfere with sleeping or exercising and the new generation also offers a color display. According to Fitbit, the battery lasts up to 10 days.

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All Fitbit innovations can now be pre-ordered. The Versa 4 and the Sense 2 will then come on September 29th. in stores, the Inspire 3 will be released on 09/15/22.


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