iPhone 14: Apple focuses on the production of the Pro models

iPhone 14: Apple focuses on the production of the Pro models

Shortly before the iPhone 14 release, more details about the upcoming Apple smartphone leaked out. Analyst Ross Young discloses new production figures. These look deep. Does Apple expect a special interest in the Pro models?

On Twitter , Ross Young shares the production numbers of the iPhone 14 models with his super followers. According to this, between June and September Apple mainly focused on the production of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This accounts for 29 percent of all models produced. Then the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro would come with around 25 percent each. The iPhone 14 Max is only 21 percent. More than half of all models produced during this period were therefore Pro models.

Will Apple really sell more iPhone 14 Pro than standard models?

Appearances could be deceptive, however: the first trends are emerging in the manufacture of iPhone displays.

In terms of display numbers, the iPhone 14 Pro Max still has 28 percent, iPhone 14 and 14 Pro already 26 percent, according to Young. From September, the production of the iPhone 14 Max panels also rose sharply. A trend that could continue. This production step will still translate into finished models, so that the overall proportion of Pro models tends to decrease.

Demand for Pro models initially particularly high

One can assume that Apple is only preparing for the demand of its core customers, who want to buy the largest and most powerful model right on the release day. It has been observed in the past that, with a slight delay, a broader clientele then also acquires the other models.

For the time being, Apple is concentrating more on the Pro models. The expectation of the smartphone manufacturer also seems to be a growing interest in larger displays – after all, there will beno more mini versions this year. But can the iPhone 14 Max Pro really outsell the standard model in the long run? We remain curious.


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