Best presenters for PowerPoint & Co: Remote controls for presenting

Best presenters for PowerPoint & Co: Remote controls for presenting

With a presenter you can easily switch between slides during a presentation or show the audience important details with an integrated laser pointer. Below we present a selection of the best presenters for PowerPoint and other presentation tools.

By Sven Wernicke

Speedlink Acute Pure: For the occasional presentation


For occasional presentations, the Speedlink Acute Pure is perfectly adequate. Image: © Speedlink 2022

If you only give presentations from time to time, a simple presenter like the Speedlink Acute Pure will do a good job. It has four function keys, an integrated laser pointer and is ergonomically shaped – you usually don't need more.

You have to make compromises when it comes to the range: it is only 10 meters. But that's enough for small and medium-sized offices. A free USB port for the presenter's nano receiver is required so that you can connect it to the PC.

Per against
+ Beginner-friendly presenter – Only 10 meters range
+ Batteries and transport bag included – Only suitable for Windows computers

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Trust Neno: Presenter with touchpad


Thanks to the touchpad, you can also use the Trust Neno as a mouse replacement. Image: © Trust 2022

The Trust Neno is a very comprehensive presenter: it has a touchpad, several buttons and a control pad with an OK button. What is all this for? The device can completely replace a computer mouse.

The Trust Neno Presenter only works with PowerPoint. Advantage: It supports, for example, the laser pointer function of the Microsoft program. You operate the virtual pointer via the touchpad.

You connect the presenter to the computer via a small USB receiver. Again, this model is only compatible with Windows computers.

Per against
+ Plenty of buttons and touchpad for optimal PowerPoint control – Only suitable for Windows and PowerPoint
+ Long battery life of up to 2 years – Only 10 meters range

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Logitech R500: Also suitable for mobile devices


The Logitech R500 works with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Image: © Logitech 2022

The Logitech R500 offers everything you expect from a successful presenter. A highlight is the universal compatibility: You can use it for Windows and macOS computers, but also for iOS and Android devices. It also works on smartphones or tablets. It also supports all common presentation software.

Setup is easy with the Logitech Presentation app. There you configure the three buttons and can check the battery level at any time. Thanks to intelligent power consumption management, the battery should last up to 12 months. If the R500 slowly runs out of energy, the integrated laser pointer switches off first so that you can continue to use the other functions for as long as possible.

Per against
+ 20 meter range – Comparatively expensive
+ App for configuration
+ Universally compatible

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Trust Puntero: Magic wand as presenter


The Trust Puntero features a powerful laser pointer. Image: © Trust 2022

The Puntero from Trust looks a bit like a magic wand. But inside there is a strong red laser pointer, which is easy to see even in bright rooms. The radio range is up to 15 meters.

You connect the stylish presenter to a computer via a USB micro receiver – the model is compatible with Windows and most macOS computers. Practical: The USB receiver can be stored directly in the presenter.

Per against
+ Strong laser pointer function – Only suitable for Macs with an Intel processor
+ Suitable for Windows and macOS

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Logitech Spotlight Presenter: No compromises


The Logitech Spotlight Presenter supports different presentation tools. Image: © Logitech 2022

You don't want to leave anything to chance with your presentation? Then you need the Logitech Spotlight Presenter . The discreet, high-quality remote control lets you directly enlarge and highlight content on the screen. The eponymous spotlight effect is reminiscent of a flashlight, with which you can highlight important information.

Logitech has deliberately reduced the Spotlight Presenter to the essentials: three buttons are completely sufficient. With it you move professionally and purposefully through PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slide and other presentation tools. You can even control video conferences with Zoom and Microsoft Teams with this Logitech presenter.

Exciting: The presenter uses vibration effects to signal when the presentation time is over. You can program the intelligent time management via the app.

Per against
+ Integrated battery – Relatively short battery life of about three months
+ 30 meter range – Very expensive
+ App for configuration
+ Connectable via USB and Bluetooth

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What you should pay attention to when buying a presenter

The best presenter is the one who really helps you with presentations. Pay attention to the following features and functions:

  • Reach: When presenting in front of an audience, you often need to be able to move freely. For example, if you are standing in front of a large screen and want to show something with the laser pointer. In such cases, a range of 10 meters is usually not enough. It is better to opt for a device with a range of 15 or 20 meters.
  • Connectivity: Most presenters have mini receivers that you plug into your computer's USB port. Models with Bluetooth offer more flexibility, especially when connecting mobile devices or Apple computers.
  • Compatibility: When choosing the right presenter, make sure that it works with your favorite operating system – especially if you primarily work with Apple devices. It is due to the mini USB receivers that many presenters are not suitable for Macs and iPhones.
  • Laser pointer: If you often need a laser pointer, make sure that the presenter of your choice has one. Higher-priced presenters often rely on virtual laser pointers that can be configured and personalized via software.

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