Google TV vs Android TV: What's the difference?

Google TV vs Android TV: What's the difference?

Google TV and Android TV are both developed by Google, bring entertainment to your TV and are still fundamentally different. We'll explain the details to you.

The key difference: Android TV is an operating system, while Google TV is just a user interface based on Android TV . So without Android TV there is no Google TV. However, Android TV can also do without Google's user interface.

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What is Android TV?

Android TV has been around since 2014 and is a stripped down version of Google's Android mobile OS. The operating system is optimized for use on Internet-enabled TVs and set-top boxes and allows you to use Android apps and streaming services on your home screen.

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What is Google TV?

Google TV premiered in 2020 and is a user interface for Android TV. So, just like Android TV, Google TV is used on televisions and set-top boxes . This works the same as it does on non-Google smartphones. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Sony equip their devices with Android as the operating system, but they also develop their own user interfaces, so that the same OS still looks different depending on the provider. Accordingly, Google TV looks different than Android TV. However, the core is the same software.

Apart from the Google TV interface, there is an app of the same name for smartphones and tablets. This is Google's well-known entertainment app, which was previously called "Google Play Movies & TV". In the future, Google intends to combine all forms of its TV entertainment offering under the “Google TV” label.

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Will Google TV replace Android TV in the future?

New smart TVs and set-top boxes are coming with Google TV. In the medium term, the old Android TV will disappear from the scene. However, both systems currently exist in parallel and devices with Android TV continue to receive updates. However, there is no prospect of an automatic upgrade to Google TV for existing devices. If you want to use the new user interface, you have to get a new device with Google TV.

What are the advantages of Google TV?

Google TV offers a new design and brings a fresh look to your entertainment world. The system also analyzes your personal preferences better and suggests new series, films and apps based on your viewing history. Also new: Several child accounts can be assigned to an adult profile. In this way, different rules for television consumption can be defined for different children.

That being said, Google will certainly only be providing updates to Google TV for the foreseeable future. You are only up to date if you rely on the new platform.

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  • Android TV is an operating system for televisions and set-top boxes.
  • Google TV is a user interface based on Android TV.
  • In the near future, Google TV will replace Android TV.

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