New episodes of »Detective Conan« will be released soon on DVD

New episodes of »Detective Conan« will be released soon on DVD

August 7, 2022

The little master detective is turning up the heat again! ProSieben MAXX first announced some timeago that new episodes of Detective Conan would be broadcast on free TV. Yesterday Crunchyroll (formerly KAZÉ Anime) announced a German disc release from episode 434 at AnimagiC 2022.

The Berlin-based anime label is releasing the new episodes 434 to 483 of Detektiv Conan on DVD with German voice output. However, Crunchyroll is still keeping a low profile with further details about the planned disc release. The sixth season, which aired on Japanese television in May 2005, begins with episode 434, which corresponds to the 400th episode in Japan.

ProSieben MAXX, on the other hand, plans to broadcast the new episodes with German dubbing from the second half of 2022. Exactly when this will start is not yet known.

A total of 433 episodes are currently available in German in Germany, which have been released on DVD by KAZÉ Anime divided into five seasons. While the first four seasons were shown on RTL 2 between 2002 and 2006, ProSieben MAXX showed the fifth season on TV between October 2018 and March 2019. Since December 6, 2021, ProSieben has been repeating MAXX Detektiv Conan from episode 1.

A new edition on Blu-ray has been available since July 2022 with both German and Japanese voiceovers. The streaming provider Crunchyroll offers all previous 433 episodes with German soundtrack on demand.

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WHAT Detective Conan is all about :

Razor-sharp mind, ingenious power of deduction – at just 17 years old, Shin'ichi Kudô is already considered a master detective. Again and again he helps the police to solve the trickiest cases. One day, however, he watches two men in black make a suspicious deal. He doesn't notice the criminal behind him who is administering a mysterious poison to him. Eventually, Shin'ichi awakens in the body of an elementary school student. In order not to be targeted again by the black organization, he lives with Ran and her father from now on. Watch out, here comes little detective Conan!

Source : Crunchyroll Images: ©   Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan • YTV • TMS 1996.

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