The best function of your Xiaomi to face the heat

The best function of your Xiaomi to face the heat

In summer, facing high temperatures can be difficult. Going outside can be like entering the hot desert of Mad Max and staying at home is the equivalent of cooking on a griddle.

However, if you have an air conditioner or fan , it may be that your Xiaomi has an ideal function for you to face the heat .

Mi Remote: the ideal function of your Xiaomi to say goodbye to the heat

When the heat lurks, fatigue also invades . How can you distract yourself if the high temperatures make you sweat profusely? Showering four times a day is not enough? Imagine this. You come back from the street, you want to freshen up for a while, but you can't get control of the air no matter how hard you look for it. If this is your case, don't waste any more time and use the Mi Remote app .

Mi Remote is a native MIUI application with which you can control all kinds of devices from your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO. It is a function that acts through an infrared sensor located at the top of the mobile.

This technology is used by remote controls. So if you can't find the air conditioning or fan control, your phone can easily replace it. Do you want to face the summer heat? Well, this function of your Xiaomi is what you need:

My Remote is the ideal function of your Xiaomi to face the heat

  • Open My Remote on your mobile. If you do not have them installed, you can download it from Google Play through the following link .
  • Tap ' Add Remote '.
  • Select the type of device you want to add. It can be an air conditioner (A/C), fan, projector, decoder, a Mi Box, among others.
  • Next, specify the brand of the device.
  • Next, point the infrared sensor at the device and press the power button.
  • Follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

Link an air conditioner with Mi Remote on your Xiaomi

Once the device is configured, you will only have to give the remote a name and that's it. From this point on, the air conditioner or fan will be linked to your Xiaomi and its function will be ready to face the summer heat. In this way, it is enough just to point the mobile towards the air to control it.

From My Remote you can adjust the speed , change the mode , change the direction , regulate the temperature , apply a timer and turn the device on or off.

The best thing about this MIUI function that your Xiaomi offers to deal with the heat is that you can configure several remote controls . Therefore, you have the option to control TV, air conditioner and many other devices from one place. So, after arriving hot from the street, you just have to take out your mobile, sit on the sofa and turn on everything you need for a refreshing afternoon.

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