Xiaomi would be about to leave aside the LCD screens in favor of the OLED

Xiaomi would be about to leave aside the LCD screens in favor of the OLED

Zhang Yu, public relations manager of Xiaomi Group, showed what lies ahead for LCD panels within the company. According to his comment on the Weibo social network, the Redmi Note 11T Pro could be the last Xiaomi mobile to include an LCD screen .

Today OLED screens have become a popular feature among low-end and high-end devices . Is Xiaomi preparing to leave LCD panels behind and focus on OLED screens for its future devices? Here are all the details.

Will the Redmi Note 11T Pro be the last Xiaomi mobile with an LCD screen?

It all happened through Weibo. Zhang Yu shared that he wanted to change his cell phone. Typical innocent comment that you could find even on Twitter. However, among the responses to his post, he dropped a little bombshell. The manager commented from his Redmi Note 11T Pro+: "I'm a bit reluctant to let this possibly be the last phone with an LCD screen" .

Weibo comment from Xiaomi PR manager

Of course, the reactions and responses were immediate. Users expressed their discontent and even suggested that they release at least one model a year that integrates an LCD panel.

OLED screens are quite popular today. In fact, most of the Redmi note 11 series terminals have an AMOLED or Super AMOLED screen. So there are fewer and fewer modern devices that integrate LCD panels.

As far as the Redmi Note 11T Pro is concerned, the device received special treatment, as Redmi took it upon itself to customize its display. The panel earned a DisplayMate A+ certification, becoming the first LCD panel to receive such certification . Therefore, it is considered the best LCD screen currently on the market.

Redmi Note 11T Pro model with LCD screen
Redmi Note 11T Pro+

However, since it is a comment made on Weibo, more is unknown about the matter. Perhaps the measure applies only to Redmi mobiles and does not extend to the Xiaomi and POCO lines. We will have to wait for the next launches of the company to know if it is really the end of LCD screens.

Until then, tell us. Do you prefer OLED or LCD screens? Leave us your answers in the comment box. Also, remember to follow us on social networks and join our chat on Telegram to receive the latest news.

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