Five modes and effects of the camera of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO that you may not have known

Five modes and effects of the camera of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO that you may not have known

The camera app of Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO mobiles is constantly updated to introduce new and interesting modes and effects to its repertoire of functions. Almost a year ago we put together a compilation with the 10 best tricks to get the most out of your mobile camera . Now, we want to make a continuation and present five other very interesting options.

From features to add visually stunning effects , to small adjustments that give you a better photography experience. Today's list is diverse and rich in options to exploit your creativity when using your Xiaomi's camera.

1. Activate multicam mode

The multi-camera mode is a curious video trick exclusive to Xiaomi phones with telephoto cameras, such as the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra . What this mode does is provide real-time viewing of all the cameras in the module . So you can see what each of your Xiaomi's sensors captures.

The user can choose two of these cameras to make a combined video recording . In addition, it also allows you to link with a second compatible device for professional recording from different approaches.

Multi-camera mode available in the camera app of some mobiles with MIUI

If you have a Xiaomi mobile with a telephoto lens, you may have the multi-camera mode. And if you want to activate this trick in the camera of your Xiaomi, you just have to comply with the following steps:

  • Open the Camera app.
  • Go to the ' More ' section.
  • Select the ' Multicam ' option.

2. The film effects are another of the interesting tricks of the camera of your Xiaomi

The presentation of the Xiaomi 11 series marked the beginning of a new batch of effects and modes for the camera . One of the most outstanding, in cinematographic matters, are the film effects. This function brings together a set of varied effects to give an artistic and professional touch to your video recordings.

Similarly, this cool camera feature is only available on high-end mobiles . So, if you have any premium devices from the brand, maybe you can enjoy the movie effects. To activate them, follow these steps:

Film effects is a mode available in the cameras of some high-end Xiaomi phones.

  • Go to the Camera app.
  • Open the ' More ' section.
  • Click on ' Film Effects '.

Now, you just have to choose the effect of your preference. Some of the most prominent are: Freeze Time, Magic Zoom, Time-lapse and Parallel World.

3. Create drawings with Light Painting mode

Some Xiaomi mobiles have the trick of creating drawings with light from the camera automatically. It is known as illuminated painting or "Light painting", a function that allows you to make use of lights to form figures in your photographs.

This modality is in charge of adjusting the parameters of the camera (ISO and exposure time) to create drawings with the light of external objects. It can be a flashlight, a lantern, even the stars. All you need is imagination and some patience.

The long exposure mode gives access to the Light Painting effect in the Xiaomi cameras

Only some mobiles have this automatic function available. The rest must manually set the camera to Pro mode, setting the ISO to 50 and the exposure time to as high as possible . If you don't know if you have it, here's how you can find out and, by the way, activate it:

  • Go to the Camera app.
  • Head over to the ' More ' section.
  • Click on ' Long Exposure '.
  • Select the ' Light Paint ' option.

After activating this function, take a light source and start recording with the camera of your Xiaomi. You will notice that after a couple of tries, you will get interesting shapes.

4. Create vlog-type videos with this mode of your Xiaomi's camera

VLOG mode is another new MIUI camera mode. It is a function with which you can record short video fragments and that later the system is in charge of joining them to create a single footage . The tool also allows you to add transition and sound effects to come up with a pretty creative vlog.

The VLOG mode available in the MIUI camera app

The feature is available on only some Xiaomi devices. To activate it, you can do the following:

  • Go to the Camera app.
  • Expand the ' More ' section.
  • Click on the ' VLOG ' function and choose the effect you prefer.

5. Apply the diorama effect

A little-known mode present in the cameras of some Xiaomi mobiles is the diorama effect. This feature gives a mock-up look to photos of landscapes, buildings, or cities . Therefore, it is an ideal photo trick for outdoor photos. If you want to take a look, this is how you can activate it on your Xiaomi:

The diorama mode is an effect available in the cameras of some Xiaomi mobiles

  • Open the MIUI Camera app.
  • Open the options menu using the three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner.
  • Click on ' Diorama Effect '.

As you can see, when it comes to the MIUI camera, there are endless modes and effects that you can apply to give your photos and videos a different touch . If you are interested in knowing other photography tips, remember to follow us on social networks and join the general Telegram chat to receive more interesting tricks.

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