More Android users than ever are switching to iPhones in 2022

More Android users than ever are switching to iPhones in 2022

More and more Android users are leaving Google's operating system to switch to Apple's iPhone – even though the upcoming update to iOS 16 does not promise any really groundbreaking innovations. In line with this news, Apple is releasing a new video that is intended to make it easier to switch from Android to iOS.

It's not running smoothly for Android at the moment. More and more smartphone buyers are opting for an iPhone. This is reported by GizChina , citing the Apple report on the third quarterly results of 2022. According to this, the iPhone group recorded record revenues of 83 billion US dollars, an increase of 2 percent compared to the previous quarter. Apple CEO Tim Cook also points out that a record number of Android users switched to iPhone in the same period.

A StockApp report earlier this year showed declining enthusiasm for Google's mobile operating system. Android's market share fell from 77.32 to 69.74 percent over the past four years.

Apple and Samsung smartphones remain the most popular

Among the major smartphone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung remain the most popular. In the first quarter of 2022, Apple was able to increase its market share from 15 to 18 percent. So while many Android users are apparently switching to an iPhone, it seems to happen less often the other way around. According to the manufacturer, Apple customers are more loyal than others. In fact, a recent survey by 451 Research found 98 percent customer satisfaction among iPhone owners surveyed.

New Apple video to make it easier to switch from Android to iOS

In line with this news, Apple released a new video on Monday that is intended to answer all questions about the switch from Android to an iPhone. It emphasizes how easy the change and how sustainable the decision for an iPhone is. These would lose less value over the years than other smartphones. Apple also emphasizes that iPhone users are more reliably supplied with updates than users of Android smartphones from different manufacturers.

The iPhone 14 will be launched in around six weeks. Of course, Apple also hopes to win new customers and persuade one or the other Android user to switch.


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