Five MIUI tricks that nobody knows but that will completely change your Xiaomi

Five MIUI tricks that nobody knows but that will completely change your Xiaomi

All Xiaomi mobile devices have a hidden menu full of interesting functions. It is a set of settings with which you can make the most of the functions of your mobile . For this reason, today we present five MIUI tricks that you can activate at any time from the developer options.

Five tricks of the developer options in MIUI

Activating the developer options from your Xiaomi is a simple procedure. You simply have to go to Settings> About the phone and press about 7 times in a row on the MIUI version. A small notification will tell you that you are already a developer.

The next thing you should do is enter 'Additional settings' and access the developer menu. Once inside, you will have the opportunity to use some of the most interesting MIUI settings that your Xiaomi hides. We took the task of putting together five curious tricks that you can activate immediately with the developer options.

1. Modify the size of the data log buffer

The buffer is a space designed to store data temporarily , which allows the system not to run out of resources during a transfer. In order for your mobile to remain fluid while receiving and processing information, it is important to balance the size of the buffer . How is it modified? The setting is located among the developer options.

Modify the buffer size on your Xiaomi

  • Go to Settings > Additional settings > Developer options .
  • Go to the 'Debugging' section.
  • Click on 'Datalogger Buffer Sizes'.
  • Please select size 4M.

It should be noted that all Xiaomi phones have a different default value. Most are usually between 64K or 256K. If this is your case, raise the size to 4M. This value is the most appropriate for the device to remain fluid.

2. Improve gaming experience with this MIUI trick in developer options

If you like to play on your Xiaomi, the developer options hide a practical trick with which you can increase the FPS of the game a little more . This is a section called 'Game Controller Preferences', ideal for improving the gaming experience in general terms. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Improve your gaming experience with this MIUI Developer Options tweak

  • Go into developer options.
  • In the 'Debugging' section, go to ' Game Controller Preferences '.
  • Select the game app you want.
  • Click on 'system graphics controller'.

3.Turn on Wi-Fi coverage extension

Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO phones can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. This means that you can share your mobile data with other devices. The developer options hide a little trick that allows you to extend the Wi-Fi coverage using the access point's antenna.

Activate Wi-Fi coverage extension on a Xiaomi

In simple terms, this translates into a more stable and faster Wi-Fi connection in case you are far from the router. To activate it, you just have to do this:

  • Go to 'Developer Options'.
  • Go to the 'Networks' section.
  • Enable the ' Turn on Wi-Fi coverage extension ' switch.

4. Change USB Default Settings With This MIUI Trick From Developer Options

Have you noticed how the system asks you what you want to do when you connect your mobile to the computer? For some it is simply a routine. Others consider it somewhat annoying. Whatever your case, MIUI has an option that allows you to set the default USB settings . Thus saving you the questions of the system.

Setting to change USB settings from MIUI developer options

  • Go into 'Developer Options'.
  • In the 'Network' section, tap on ' USB Default Settings '.
  • Select the option you want. For example, 'Data Transfer'.

In this way, every time you connect the mobile to a device, this will be the configuration that will be applied instantly. Of course, for security, try to connect your smartphone only to your own or trusted devices.

5. Disable Absolute Volume Limiting

MIUI mobiles have a preset setting that limits the absolute volume on wired and wireless headphones. When you try to increase the volume with the headphones on, a warning pops up notifying you that the sound is above the recommended level .

Of course, the function has its reason for being. However, in some cases, it can limit the true potential of your headphones. So, if you want to boost the sound of your hearing aids , then it is best to disable this setting from the developer options. To do this, follow the steps detailed below.

Disable absolute volume with a MIUI developer options setting

  • Go to 'Developer Options'.
  • Scroll down to the 'Networks' section.
  • Turn off the ' Disable Absolute Volume ' switch.

With these simple MIUI tricks that you can activate from the developer options you will be able to get more out of everything that your Xiaomi can give. If you want to know more interesting adjustments, follow us on social networks and join our general chat on Telegram.

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