"My Hero Academia": The start date of the sixth season has finally been set

"My Hero Academia": The start date of the sixth season has finally been set

July 26, 2022

The celebrated superheroes around Izuku Midoriya and Co. will return soon. After a new trailer for the upcoming My Hero Academia sequel was released a few weeks ago, the official start date has now been announced. A new visual can be found further down in the article.

Accordingly, the upcoming sixth season of My Hero Academia will start on October 1, 2022 on Japanese television. When and if the sequel will also run in simulcast in this country is not yet known.

Last weekend, HERO FES was celebrated as part of the My Hero Academia Ultra Event. 2022 the first episode of the sixth season will premiere. In addition to the sixth season, two OVA episodes are in production and will be released in August 2022.

My Hero Academia is based on Shueisha's manga series of the same name and has so far included five seasons, several OVAs and three anime films that were created at Studio BONES. All seasons are available in Germany on Crunchyroll in the OmU version and, with the exception of the fifth season, also in German. A disc release will be made in Germany by Crunchyroll (formerly KAZÉ Anime) on Blu-ray and DVD .

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New Visual:

This is what My Hero Academia is all about:

Young Izuku has dreamed of becoming a superhero all his life. That would be a lofty goal in itself, but in a world where 80 percent of people have superpowers, Izuku seems hopeless. Because unlike most, he does not have a so-called “specialty”. But that shouldn't stop him from pursuing his dream of applying to the country's most prestigious superhero academy.

Source : Twitter Images: © K. Horikoshi / Shueisha, My Hero Academia Project

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