iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 are here: This is new

iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 are here: This is new

With iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6, Apple has released what are expected to be the last major updates before iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. In addition to a few new features, there are mainly bug fixes this time.

As probably the last update before iOS 16, Apple released iOS 15.6 for iPhones and iPadOS 15.6 for iPads on Wednesday. The new software version mainly brings bug fixes and detail improvements. However, there are still a few new features.


The update to iOS 15.6 is now available for the general public.

An update that mainly fixes bugs

The main improvements of iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 are:

  • The TV app gives you the option to restart, pause, or rewind live sports broadcasts
  • Fixed a bug that shows you that memory is full even though you've already taught it
  • Fixed a bug that caused slowdowns when using Braille input devices
  • Fixed a Safari bug that caused a new tab to open a previously viewed page

The developers at Apple are currently working flat out on iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 and are implementing the initial feedback they have received thanks to the beta tests from various users. A full version release is most likely scheduled for September.


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