Google Assistant settings you should know about

Google Assistant settings you should know about

Google Assistant is constantly evolving and offers many more settings and features than you might think. We'll tell you how to change the Assistant's voice, how to control Spotify or Netflix, or how to create reminders.

This is how you can change the Google Assistant settings

The Google Assistant settings menu is reasonably well hidden on newer devices running Android 12.

  1. First open the "Settings" and select the submenu "Google"
  2. Scroll down and tap the "Google apps settings" field
  3. Then select the item "Google Search, Google Assistant and voice input"

    The Google Assistant settings are hidden deep within the Settings app. Image: © Google/ Screenshot: 2022

  4. Now tap on the "Google Assistant" entry to get to the settings menu

Once you find the menu, the numerous settings are available. Image: © Google/ Screenshot: 2022

The settings for the Google Assistant are very extensive. That is why we would like to introduce you to some of the most useful functions for the voice assistant below.

1. Let yourself be addressed by your name

Did you know that the Google Assistant can address you by your name? All you have to do is tell him who you are. You can do this in the Google Assistant settings under " Alias ".


In the menu you can tell Google Assistant your name. Image: © Google/ Screenshot: 2022

Here you can type in your name or nickname and then listen to how Google Assistant pronounces it. If you are not satisfied with the pronunciation, you can also use the on-screen keyboard to spell your name the way you would like it spoken.

2. Give the Assistant a different voice

In the standard setup, the Google Assistant usually uses a female voice. You can also switch to a male voice if you prefer. To do this, simply tap on " Assistant Voice & Sounds " in the Google Assistant settings and then select the voice that suits you best.


Currently you can choose between a female and a male voice. Image: © Google/ Screenshot: 2022

3. Activate Google Assistant on the lock screen

If you wish, you can also use Google Assistant when the smartphone is still locked. You can also find the option for this in the Google Assistant settings under the " Lock screen " menu item. Simply activate the corresponding slider to also use the assistant on the lock screen in the future.


With this setting you can also use the Assistant on the lock screen. Image: © Google/ Screenshot: 2022

4. Don't say "Hey Google"

Normally, you always have to use the salutation "Hey Google" for the Assistant to respond to your voice. However, you can also set the software so that you can do without the speech in some situations.

  • When answering and rejecting calls
  • When alarm clocks and timers ring

In certain situations you can do without "Hey Google". Image: © Google/ Screenshot: 2022

To use this feature, select the sub-item " Direct commands " in the Google Assistant settings and activate the corresponding sliders.

5. Create routines to organize your day

Google Assistant can also help you keep track of your daily routine. This allows you to create routines that are started using specific voice commands.

An example is a morning routine that ensures that the Assistant presents you with the weather report, your appointments for the day, important reminders and also informs you about upcoming birthdays of friends or colleagues.


With processes you can teach Google Assistant certain routines. Image: © Google/ Screenshot: 2022

You can use the " Processes " menu item in the Google Assistant settings to create such complex routines and link them to a specific voice command. If you say to the Google Assistant in the morning: "Hey Google, good morning!", the routine just mentioned will start automatically.

6. Control Netflix or Spotify with Google Assistant

It is practical that you can also link third-party services such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music to the Google Assistant and then control them using voice commands. You can find the option for this in the Google Assistant settings under "Music". The compatible music services that you have installed on your device are automatically listed there.


Under Music you can link services like Spotify or Deezer. Image: © Google/ Screenshot: 2022

The same also works with many video services such as Netflix or Disney+. To do this, select the "Videos" submenu in the Google Assistant settings.


Video services such as Netflix or Disney+ can also be paired with the assistant. Image: © Google/ Screenshot: 2022

7. Use app shortcuts

You can also use the Assistant to run shortcuts in other third-party apps. You can use the "Shortcuts" menu item in the Google Assistant settings to assign individual voice commands to specific actions in apps. For example, you can specify that the appropriate WhatsApp chat with this person is automatically started when a contact name is mentioned.


You can define shortcuts for many third-party apps. Image: © Google/ Screenshot: 2022


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