This theme and its block screen are perfect to carry on your Xiaomi this summer

This theme and its block screen are perfect to carry on your Xiaomi this summer

The holidays are among us and MIUI has for you the best themes to wear on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO this summer. If you are looking to give your mobile a different look , this time we bring you a summer theme .

Endowed with turquoise blues and emerald greens to make you feel as immersed as possible in a tropical paradise . You are going to love the theme that we bring you next, especially its lock screen full of shortcuts and widgets .

Landscape [OS] the perfect theme to carry on your Xiaomi this summer

This is Landscape [OS] , a practical and well-designed theme, which consists of its own icon pack and a striking lock screen .

Landscape lock screen style

Landscape is a theme that incorporates a wide variety of shortcuts on your lock screen. Among the different options it displays, it shows weather information, includes a step counter, allows you to turn on the flashlight or quickly enter WhatsApp or Telegram . Also, if you tap on the bottom left corner, you can simplify the style of the lock screen.

MIUI Landscape theme to wear on your Xiaomi this summer

On the other hand, Landscape stands out for combining the design of the iOS interface with the versatility offered by Android. Its square shapes with rounded edges make the home screen desktop look a lot like an iPhone. That is something that can be seen in both its custom icon pack and widgets.

The Landscape control center is also filled with bright colors and more stylized shapes , which certainly adds a bit of playfulness to the overall design.

The theme works as a handy tool with shortcuts that you can access when you're on the go. In addition, its attractive wallpaper will make you listen to the waves of the sea from your Xiaomi and feel that soft summer breeze on your face.

You can download Landscape [OS] through the following link or by searching for it by name in the MIUI Themes app . In case you can't see the theme or it doesn't load correctly, try changing the region of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO to ' India '.

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