Google Pixel 6a: The most exciting features at a glance

Google Pixel 6a: The most exciting features at a glance

With the Google Pixel 6a, Google is launching a cost-effective alternative to the Pixel 6. You get almost all the features that the Pixel 6 also has for a lower price – the slightly lower performance can easily be overcome. You can find out here what differences there are from the standard model and what exclusive pixel features the Pixel 6a offers.

This article was created in cooperation with Google.

Google Pixel 6a: This hardware is in the smartphone


The Pixel 6a comes in Charcoal (pictured), Chalk, and Sage colors. Image: © Google 2022

Pixel 6a is a slightly slimmed-down version of the Pixel 6. But you don't have to do without a lot of performance. As with the Pixel 6 and the top model, the Pixel 6 Pro, the core is the powerful Google Tensor chip. At 128 GB, the internal memory is just as large as that of the Pixel 6. Only the working memory is slightly smaller at 6 GB than in the standard model with its 8 GB.

There are also small differences in the display. The Pixel 6a's OLED FHD+ screen offers a refresh rate of 60 Hertz instead of 90 Hertz and, at 6.1 inches, is slightly smaller than the Pixel 6's 6.4 inches – ideal for users who prefer handheld smartphones.

The main camera of the Pixel 6a has a resolution of 12.2 megapixels and not the 50 megapixels of the Pixel 6. Instead of the laser autofocus sensor (LDAF), there is also an autofocus with dual-pixel phase detection (PDAF). The Pixel 6a's battery is also slightly smaller than the Pixel 6's, at 4,410mAh, and you can only charge it via cable.

These are the hardware differences between Pixel 6a and Pixel 6. In terms of functions and software, Pixel 6a gives you pretty much everything that Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have to offer. You can now read about the exclusive features that distinguish the Pixel 6a from other smartphones.

Google Tensor: performance and security combined


The Google Tensor chip delivers a lot of performance and has an extra layer of security. Image: © GOOGLE 2022

Google's in-house chip Google Tensor, which is also used in the Pixel 6a and Pixel 6 Pro, has up to 80 percent higher performance compared to the previous Pixel generation. A dedicated Tensor security core, in combination with the Titan M2 chip, provides an additional hardware security layer that reliably protects your data stored on Pixel 6a from attacks.

Google Tensor is optimally tailored to Android 12 and combines strong performance with a long battery life.

Efficient battery: Up to 72 hours without recharging

Google Tensor ensures that the Pixel 6a is economical with battery resources. The pixel phone remembers your favorite app and provides it with enough energy, while energy is saved for rarely used apps. This gives you enough power for at least a full day of normal use of Pixel 6a.

With the extreme energy-saving mode, you can even extend the runtime of the Pixel 6a to up to 72 hours. In this mode, the device reduces its functions to a minimum. You decide which features and apps will continue to run. If the battery is almost empty, you can quickly charge it again with 18 watts. The required charger is not included with the Pixel 6a.

Camera magic: magic eraser, detailed portraits & radiant night shots


With the smart camera features of Pixel 6a you always succeed in taking good photos. Image: © Google 2022

The camera module on the back of the Pixel 6a consists of a 12.2-megapixel main camera and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera. A selfie camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels can be found in a round recess in the display. As is typical for the Pixel series, the star is less the camera hardware and more the photo software. Pixel 6a shines here with some exclusive Pixel features.

The Magic Eraser easily removes unwanted objects and people from recordings afterwards. You can also change the colors of objects to make them the center of attention or bring focus to other areas of the image. The sharpener ensures that faces in portrait shots come into their own. With the feature, even shaky and out-of-focus shots can be transformed into impressive portraits.

In night mode, you can take decent shots of glowing cities in the dark, the starry sky and parties in clubs even in low light. Thanks to Real Tone, people's skin tones are particularly authentic.

Software and exclusive Pixel features

The perfect coordination between software and hardware is also one of the biggest advantages of the Pixel 6a. The pre-installed Android 12 with the Material You user interface allows you to fully personalize the operating system. For example, you have the option of adapting the color scheme, fonts and icon design to your liking. Android 12 can also change the accent color of the user interface to match the wallpaper you are using.

Pixel phone owners are among the first to receive new versions of Android. You can try out the update to Android 13, which will be released in autumn 2022, on Pixel 6a right after the release. In addition, Google guarantees that you will receive security updates for five years. So you can use your smartphone safely over a long period of time and contribute to more sustainability.


With live translation, foreign languages are no longer barriers. Image: © Google 2022

Pixel users can look forward to more exclusive features that other Android smartphones do not offer. If you like to travel, live translation is a great way to facilitate communication. The feature translates signage, chats and even conversations into 11 languages in real-time—and it doesn't even need an internet connection.

With the help of the Google Assistant, the Call Screening feature makes it possible to find out who is calling you and for what reason before accepting a call. Spam calls are a thing of the past. Regular feature drops also ensure that the functionality of your Pixel 6a is constantly expanding.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series: Free wireless headphones for pre-order


The Google Pixel Buds A-Series in-ears are the perfect complement to the Pixel 6a. Image: © Google 2022

You can imagine that Pixel 6a will be your next smartphone? It's worth pre-ordering the device: you'll get Google Pixel Buds A-Series for free.

The wireless headphones are characterized by a rich and clear sound. The battery of the wireless in-ear headphones provides enough power to make calls for two and a half hours or listen to music for up to five hours. With the included charging case, you have 24 hours of battery life as a reserve on the go. In addition, Pixel Buds A-Series have an automatic sound adjustment to the volume of the environment, are ideal for sports thanks to their fit and water resistance and support the Google Assistant.

The premium headphones Pixel Buds Pro also offer active noise cancellation (ANC) with Silent Seal. It reduces ambient noise to a minimum so you can enjoy your music undisturbed. If you want to hear the surrounding noises, for example when crossing a street, you can switch to transparency mode at the touch of a button and hear everything again. With the battery of the charging case, Pixel Buds Pro have a maximum runtime of 31 hours.


With the active noise cancellation of the Pixel Buds Pro you can enjoy your music undisturbed. Image: © Google 2022

release and price

Pixel 6a will be available for pre-order on July 21st. A week later, the pixel phone is also available in stores. The smartphone costs 459 euros and is available in the colors Chalk, Charcoal and Sage.


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