Best mobile phone holder for the bike: robust models for every tour

Best mobile phone holder for the bike: robust models for every tour

Quick to assemble, stable, often waterproof and loyal companions: These are the best mobile phone holders for your bike.

By Sven Wernicke

The smartphone should serve as a navigation device on the next bike tour? Then you need a suitable mobile phone holder. The brackets are easy to install, don't get in the way when driving and are surprisingly flexible in most cases: Almost all smartphones and even some tablets fit in.

Fischer 50401 smartphone holder: Simple and good


The smartphone holder from Fischer is suitable for cell phones of different sizes. Image: © SATURN 2022

For occasional cyclists, it does not have to be a complex construction. A smartphone holder like the Fischer 50401 is sufficient. Silicone straps hold cell phones in sizes from 3.5 to 6.5 inches. The bracket is suitable for all regular bicycle handlebars with a diameter between 2 and 3.2 centimeters, tools are not required for assembly.

The phone is fixed on all sides, so you don't have to worry about falling off. At the same time, the silicone dampens shocks and vibrations. You can mount the smartphone vertically or horizontally.

Per against
+ Inexpensive silicone phone holder – No protection against water and dust
+ Can be mounted horizontally and vertically
+ Silicone absorbs shocks
+ Smartphone can be easily removed

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Hama Uni bicycle mobile phone holder: Safe and stylish


With the mobile phone holder from Hama, the smartphone is attached between silicone straps. Image: © Hama 2022

Riding through the city on a city bike or through the pampa on a mountain bike: The mobile phone holder from Hama does it all. You attach it to the handlebars in no time at all, tighten your smartphone with the silicone straps – off you go.

The Hama Uni smartphone bike holder is suitable for phones with a height of up to 15 centimeters and a width of up to 8 centimeters. It fits handlebars that are 2 to 3.5 centimeters thick. If your phone isn't waterproof, that's no problem. It also fits in the holder with additional protective cover.

Per against
+ Resistant bracket – Upper silicone strap may touch smartphone buttons
+ Smartphone can also be attached with a protective cover

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Wicked Chili Tour Case: For almost all smartphones


You can also rotate the Wicked Chili Tour Case horizontally. Image: © Wicked Chili 2022

The case holder Wicked Chili Tour Case comes with everything you need: Four adapters ensure that your smartphone fits perfectly into the waterproof protective cover. Phones with a maximum screen diagonal of 6.7 inches can be accommodated. Also nice: Despite the robust outdoor protective cover, you can use the touchscreen of your smartphone. The camera on the back of the cell phone remains free thanks to a viewing window.

The bracket fits almost all bicycle handlebars. If you take out your smartphone during a break, you can hang it comfortably around your neck thanks to the supplied strap.

Per against
+ IPX5 protection against rain, dirt and dust – Slightly chunky design
+ Connection remains free, for example for a power bank
+ Touchscreen can be used

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Shapeheart: Magnetic mobile phone holder for bikes


With the Shapeheart smartphone holder, a strong magnet ensures a secure hold. Image: © Shapeheart 2022

Do you want to take your smartphone out of the holder in a cool and casual way? Then you need the magnetic mobile phone holder from Shapeheart ! It consists of the holder for the bicycle handlebars, which can be attached within seconds, and the case in which you put your smartphone. The is available in three sizes (M to XL+), protects against rain, offers full touchscreen functionality, has openings for the USB/Lightning output and has a magnetic back.

Your smartphone sits rock-solid in the mobile phone holder even without additional silicone straps, cobblestones and potholes do not cause any problems. The Shapeheart also looks good.

Per against
+ Magnetic phone holder
+ Waterproof
+ Very easy to assemble

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Sminno Cockpit Case: Hands-free device for the bike


The cockpit case from Sminno is a hands-free device and loudspeaker at the same time. Image: © Sminno 2022

The cockpit case from Sminno is more than a mobile phone holder for your bike. You can use the gadget as a speakerphone and even as a speaker for music. To do this, start the associated cockpit app.

Thanks to sound amplification, the loudspeaker function enables noise-free telephone calls and offers good acoustics – without you needing headphones. The bracket is suitable for devices with a maximum screen diagonal of 7 inches. And: The bicycle accessories are made in Germany.

Per against
+ Bracket with hands-free kit and speaker function – Cockpit app license must be renewed after twelve months
+ Waterproof housing
+ Also suitable for tablets up to 7 inches
+Made in Germany

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What you should pay attention to when buying bicycle cell phone holders

The best cell phone holder for your bike does not have to be the most expensive model. It really depends on your needs and your smartphone. Some tips for making the right purchase decision:

  • Assembly: Most mobile phone holders can be attached in a very short time without additional tools. This is practical if you also want to use the mount for rental bikes, scooters or an e-bike. If it is only to be used on a bicycle, this aspect is not so important.
  • Smartphone protection: If you’re going to be action-packed and love touring with your gravel bike, then give your smartphone additional protection. Some mobile phone holders come with special protective covers that also cushion falls. These are so-called case mounts. Alternatively, regular clamping brackets are suitable, with which you can stow your smartphone with its own case.
  • Size of the phone: When buying, make sure that your smartphone fits in the holder and that the buttons and the USB/Lightning port remain free. This gives you the option of connecting a mini power bank if required. Make the effort to measure your phone. Tablets with a display size significantly larger than 8 inches should not be attached to the bike. They are too big and too heavy.
  • Equipment: Swivel arm, hands-free system, an associated app and other functions are not absolutely necessary, but increase comfort when driving. More importantly, the mount is tight on the handlebars, sturdy, protects the phone, and easy to attach.

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