Twitter Circle: The most important questions & answers about the new function

Twitter Circle: The most important questions & answers about the new function

Twitter Circle is a new feature that lets you tweet to selected people, making your thoughts available to a limited group of people. You can now find out what exactly is behind Twitter Circle – the most important questions and answers about the new option.

The short message service Twitter is designed to send messages around the world in – meanwhile – 280 characters. For example, to stimulate discussions and share certain positions, moods and thoughts. But sometimes it can make sense to only make tweets accessible to a limited group of people. With Twitter Circle you can do just that.

Who can use Twitter Circle?

The feature is still in the early stages and is only available to a limited number of users. Twitter Circle is currently available for some users to try out on the Twitter app for iOS and Android, and on You can see whether you can already use Twitter Circle when you create a new tweet. You have the option of directly creating a Twitter Circle.

How to create a Twitter Circle


Before the first use, the information window waits with a short introduction. Image: © Twitter 2022

Create a new tweet as usual: If Twitter Circle is available to you, you will be informed about the new option via a message window. Now you add up to 150 people who form your Twitter Circle. Twitter automatically suggests people you already follow.

You simply add this by clicking on "Add". You can also find people using the search function, which you can add to your selected group of people. When your tweet is ready to be sent, select all recipients or your just created Twitter Circle.

If you send a tweet to your Twitter Circle, only the members can read your message. They can't share or retweet your tweet, so you have full control over who sees your content.

Can I have multiple Twitter Circles?

No, you can only have one Twitter Circle with a maximum of 150 users at a time. However, you can edit your circle at any time, add people and remove them again.

Protected Account vs. Twitter Circle: That's the difference

If you opt for protected access, your tweets will only be read by your followers. If you activate this option, it remains in place until you deactivate it; it is not possible to switch for each individual tweet. It's different with the Twitter Circle: Here you decide anew each time whether you want to send your tweet to everyone – or just to your group of people in the Twitter Circle. This gives you additional control and flexibility for sharing your messages.

Who can see the people in my Twitter Circle?

Only you can see the complete list of people in your Twitter Circle – and nobody else. But: If someone likes or replies to your tweet, the members will see your interaction.

Who can read the tweets in the Twitter Circle?


Messages from a Twitter Circle are highlighted. Image: © Twitter 2022

If you send a tweet to your Twitter Circle, all users from this circle can read your tweets and all replies to them, provided they do not come from protected accounts. If a member of your Twitter Circle has a protected account, only followers who are also in your Twitter Circle will see the replies.

How to leave a Twitter Circle?

If a person has added you to their Twitter Circle whose tweets you don't want to read, you have the following options:

  • Unfollow : If you are already following the person, simply unfollow them and you will automatically be removed from the circle. However, you can later be included in other Circles even if you don't follow the creator.
  • Block : Likewise, if you block the owner, you will be removed from a circle. Then you will no longer see the content of the blocked person in your timeline. Once you unblock the person, you can be added back to their circle.
  • Mute : Easily mute the author or the entire conversation of a Circle if you don't want to read the tweets from the Circle.


  • Twitter Circle is a new feature of Twitter that has only been available to a few users so far.
  • Each Twitter user can only have one Twitter Circle, but the list is subject to change.
  • The maximum number of participants in a Twitter Circle is 150 people.
  • With each new tweet, you actively decide whether you want to share your message with everyone or only with people in the Twitter Circle.

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