Best power bank with USB-C: Extra battery capacity on the go

Best power bank with USB-C: Extra battery capacity on the go

Charge your smartphone, headphones or laptop quickly on the go: a mobile battery is indispensable for many users. These are the best power banks with USB-C.

By Sven Wernicke

There is a suitable power bank with the current USB-C connection standard for every requirement. Most current smartphones and tablets have it. With some of the compact batteries, you can even charge your laptop without needing a power outlet.

Fresh 'n Rebel 2PB6000RR power bank: Pretty and minimalist


Fresh 'n Rebel Powerbank Image: © SATURN 2022

Looking for a no-frills power bank that just gets the job done and features USB-C? You can get the 2PB6000RR from Fresh 'n Rebel in countless beautiful colors, so you're guaranteed to find the right variant for you and your style.

With a capacity of 6,000 mAh, you can charge your smartphone around one and a half times – so you can easily get through the day and beyond. However, it takes three and a half hours to charge the power bank itself, which is comparatively long. The power bank is also available with 12,000 mAh. Not only the design is attractive, but also the price.

Per against
+ Uncomplicated power bank with USB-C and USB-A – Quite long loading times
+ Attractive price  
+ Charge two devices at the same time

Fresh 'n Rebel Powerbank Buy now from

Hama PD20-HD Powerbank: Power for many devices


Hama PD20-HD power bank Image: © SATURN 2022

The PD20-HD from Hama has plenty of energy to go, and the power bank is well equipped with a capacity of 20,000 mAh. What is exciting about this additional battery is the support of current standards, above all the fast charging technologies Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Power Delivery. This allows you to quickly fill the batteries of suitable laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The PD20-HD has two classic USB-A ports and one USB-C connection. With a weight of more than 360 grams, it is not one of the lightest power banks.

Per against
+ Quick Charge 3.0 & Power Delivery – Charger not part of the scope of the song
+ Fast charging at 18 watts/3 amps – Relatively difficult
+ High-quality, robust housing

Hama PD20-HD Powerbank Buy it now at

Anker 622 Wireless Powerbank: For iPhone and other devices


Anker 622 Wireless Powerbank Image: © SATURN 2022

On the one hand, this power bank is aimed at owners of a current iPhone (from iPhone 12). If your iPhone supports the MagSafe standard, it can be charged wirelessly using the magnetic attachment. At the same time, the Anker 622 Powerbank is a stable holder for watching videos on the go, for example.

On the other hand, you can also use the power bank to charge devices with a USB-C connection, such as an Android smartphone or an action cam. This is also possible at the same time. The wireless power bank is therefore well suited for households in which there are other devices in addition to iPhones, and for users who want to be flexible.

Per against
+ MagSafe power bank for iPhone and USB-C power bank in one device – Capacity only 5,000 mAh
+ Rapid charging thanks to 7.5 watts of power and 2.4 amperes charging current – Not suitable for wireless charging of smartphones other than the iPhone
+ Attractive design

Anker 622 Wireless Powerbank Buy it now from

Sandberg Outdoor Solar Powerbank 24,000: Charge smartphones with solar energy


Sandberg Outdoor Solar Powerbank 24,000 Image: © SATURN 2022

Use the power of the sun with the Outdoor Solar Powerbank from Sandberg . It takes up to 53 hours to charge the 24,000 mAh battery. That is long, but does not involve any energy costs. Alternatively, you can fill the battery via USB.

The power bank feels most comfortable outside. It is waterproof, can be used as a flashlight and can be attached to a backpack. Thanks to Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery, you benefit from fast charging functions if your smartphone or other device supports it.

Per against
+ Compact power bank with built-in 2-watt solar panel – Long loading time
+ Supports USB Power Delivery, Quick Charge 3.0 and USB-C  
+ IP67 certification
+ Integrated flashlight

Sandberg Outdoor Solar Powerbank Buy it now from

Anker PowerCore III Elite Powerbank: Full power


Anker PowerCore III Elite Powerbank Image: © SATURN 2022

The Anker PowerCore III Elite with its 25,600 mAh battery is a premium power bank with USB-C. Thanks to the amazing output power (2 x USB-C with 87 watts, 2 x USB-A with 18 watts), you can charge tablets and laptops very quickly. Up to four devices simultaneously if desired.

Such a power bank must be protected and cooled accordingly. Therefore, the weight of almost 600 grams is quite high. And a USB charger is unfortunately missing. Apart from that, you don't make any compromises: quick charging functions, voltage stabilization for sensitive devices (headphones and smartwatches, for example) and a good look justify the price.

Per against
+ High-quality, powerful power bank – Charger not included
+ Outstanding power output  
+ Also suitable for sensitive devices
+ Two USB-C ports

Anker PowerCore III Elite Powerbank Buy it now at

What you should consider when buying a power bank with USB-C

The best power bank is the one that best suits your needs. It can be simple or extravagant. Before you buy, you should therefore check what you really need. The following key data are helpful.

Capacity: 5,000 or 25,000 mAh? The more the better. But also all the more expensive. You should choose a power bank that you can use to charge your smartphone battery twice or more if possible. For orientation: The battery of an iPhone SE (3rd generation) is 1,821 mAh, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is 3,700 mAh. A capacity of at least 6,000 mAh is advisable, preferably 10,000 mAh. If you want to charge tablets or laptops, it should be at least 20,000 mAh.

Power: The power, always given in watts, tells you how quickly a power bank charges your smartphone or tablet. Laptops require at least 30 watts, smartphones are content with significantly less (less than 10 watts). You can calculate the power yourself by multiplying the voltage (in volts) by the maximum current (ampere). In the best case, the output power of the power bank corresponds to the input power of your smartphone.

Standards: USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 are well-known fast charging standards that many power banks support. If your smartphone also offers this, you will be able to charge as quickly as possible. High currents (2 amperes and more) at high voltages (up to 20 volts) are used here in order to keep charging times short. But many power banks are also capable of using manufacturer-specific quick charging functions such as Samsung super quick charging. So also pay attention to the level of power or the corresponding voltage and ampere specifications of the power bank and the devices to be charged.

Connections: How many USB outputs do you need? Most power banks have two to three ports – mostly USB-C and the still widespread classic USB-A connections. That's enough. Micro-USB, on the other hand, is considered obsolete, you will hardly find any corresponding power banks.


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