Zoom: Camera doesn't work – you can do that

Zoom: Camera doesn't work – you can do that

Zoom is an integral part of your home office? No wonder, the app for uncomplicated video conferences makes online life a lot easier. But what if the camera doesn't work with Zoom? Here you will find tips and tricks on what you can do.

If you use Zoom on an Android device: Different manufacturers of Android devices sometimes name their settings and functions differently. This means that some options may have different names on your device than those specified here. If you cannot find the right options for your device, ask the support of the respective manufacturer.

Activate or switch camera in Zoom

  1. Activate the video in the Zoom app by tapping on the small video camera button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. If necessary, switch between the rear camera and the front camera by pressing the button with the camera and the arrows.
zoom kamera funktioniert nicht app auswahl

These two buttons may quickly solve the problem with the camera. Image: © Zoom Video Communication 2022

Restart devices

If you're having problems with Zoom and your camera, sometimes it's enough to restart the device you're using Zoom on.

Allow Zoom access to the camera

windows 10

  1. Click on the Windows icon in the taskbar and then on the cogwheel to go to the settings.
  2. Go to "Privacy > Camera".
  3. Click under "Allow access to the camera on this device". click "Change" and activate the slider.
  4. Also, a little further down, turn on the slider for the "Allow apps to access your camera" option.
zoom kamera windows 5

Grant access to the camera and you're good to go. Image: © Microsoft 2022


  1. Navigate to "Device Settings > Applications (or Apps) > Zoom".
  2. Scroll to "Permissions".
  3. Turn on "Take pictures and videos" or "Camera > Allow".
  4. Open Zoom.

iPhone and iPad

  1. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Camera.
  2. Scroll to the Zoom app and set the slider to green. That means access is enabled.
  3. Open Zoom.

Another application or website is blocking the camera

windows 10

  1. Close all programs and browser windows that may be using your webcam.
  2. If necessary, open the Task Manager with the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Del and click on the "Task Manager" button. There you close all programs and processes that could cause problems with your camera.
task manager zoom

With the task manager you close all programs that could block Zoom. Image: © Microsoft 2022


  1. Check if other apps on the device are using the camera.
  2. Open recent apps. To do this, either press and hold your device's home button or use the recent apps button. Exactly what you need to do differs from device to device.
  3. Close either the app blocking the camera or all applications by swiping right or tapping the "Close all applications" button.
  4. Open Zoom again.

iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the recently used apps by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen and keeping your finger in the middle of the screen. (On older iPhones and iPads, double-tap the Home button.)
  2. Close all apps by swiping them up.
  3. Open Zoom again.

Reinstalling Zoom

zoom kamera funktioniert nicht titel

Video conferencing is part of everyday work, especially in office jobs. Image: © Adobe Stock/fizkes 2022

windows 10

  1. Type "zoom" into the search box on the taskbar. The app will appear in the search results, with a context menu to the right.
  2. Click on "Uninstall" in the context menu. You will be redirected to the control panel.
  3. Find the Zoom app here, click on it and select "Uninstall" from the top menu. Alternatively, right-click the program and select "Uninstall". Zoom will be automatically removed from the PC.
  4. Open your internet browser and open the Zoom website .
  5. Download the Zoom client. Then open the downloaded file. It is usually located in the "Downloads" folder.
  6. Zoom will be installed and started automatically.


  1. Touch and hold the Zoom app button until a small menu appears.
  2. Select "Uninstall".
  3. Alternative: Go to "Settings > Apps > Zoom".
  4. Select "Uninstall" and confirm the process.
  5. Find the app in the Google Play Store.
  6. Tap Install and wait for Zoom to set up.
  7. Open Zoom.

iPhone and iPad

  1. Touch and hold the Zoom app icon until a context menu appears.
  2. Select "Remove App" and confirm with "Delete App".
  3. Search for Zoom in the App Store.
  4. Install the app with a tap on the download icon (the little cloud with the arrow).
  5. Open Zoom and check if the camera is working now.

Update camera driver

Windows 10 can cause problems with your camera's driver. In the following guide you will find out what you can do in this case:

Windows 10: Update drivers – how it works

If none of the options listed here help, there is one thing left for you: Contact Zoom support.


  • Problems with the camera in Zoom can be due to a number of reasons: there is no access to the camera, other apps or websites are blocking Zoom, the camera driver is outdated, or the Zoom client is faulty.
  • In all cases, restarting the application or device may help. In addition, you should close all applications and apps that may be blocking the camera.
  • On Windows 10, it may help to update the webcam driver via Device Manager or your webcam manufacturer's website.
  • Nothing helps? Then contact Zoom support.

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