TikTok tests "Clear Mode" for undisturbed video enjoyment

TikTok tests "Clear Mode" for undisturbed video enjoyment

TikTok is currently making the so-called “Clear Mode” available to some users as a test. This mode allows them to watch the videos on the social platform without any interface elements – and screenshots also become easier with the mode.

As TechCrunch reports, the feature was first spotted by Matt Navarra , a social media consultant. He shared his discovery on Twitter, where he explained that Clear Mode in TikTok enables distraction-free video viewing. TikTok confirmed that the feature was rolled out to some users as a test. It is currently not known when the feature will be distributed to other users and whether it will also be finally integrated after the test.

TikTok without distractions

Those selected for the test can open a menu by long-pressing a video and selecting Clear Mode there. If this is activated, interface elements such as user names, labels and buttons disappear from the display. So users can enjoy videos on TikTok completely without any distracting elements.

Clear Mode makes life easier for TikTok creators

As the TechCrunch website further notes, Clear Mode should also take some of the work out of TikTok creators. They often find the comment "crop" under their videos. Viewers use this to inform the creators of a video that they want the video to be re-uploaded because a caption or button would prevent a clean screenshot.

With Clear Mode, on the other hand, viewers can hide all distracting elements from the video themselves and creators do not have to upload their videos multiple times.


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