iPhone 14 Pro should finally get always-on display

iPhone 14 Pro should finally get always-on display

Many Android smartphones with OLED displays have had it for a long time, and the iPhone 14 Pro models are only set to get it now: the always-on display. The feature is said to be supported from iOS 16, but for the time being it will probably be exclusive to the Pro models of the new iPhones.

As Bloomberg journalist and Apple connoisseur Mark Gurman reports in his current Power-On newsletter (via 9to5Mac ), iOS 16 will probably offer an always-on lockscreen. The feature was actually planned for the iPhone 13, the journalist writes.

Similar to the newer Apple Watches, iPhones that support the feature will greatly reduce their refresh rate on the lock screen, which is always on. As with Android smartphones, notifications, the time or other elements can then be seen on the always-on display.

Always-on display for iPhone 14 Pro models only

However, according to Gurman's source, the always-on display is a feature exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will apparently not support the handy feature. It is not known whether Apple will continue to limit the always-on display to the Pro models in future iPhone generations. However, it is likely that the feature will only be exclusive to the Pro models at launch and that all iPhones will be supported in the future.

These innovations in iOS 16 should come for all supported iPhones

In addition to the always-on display, iOS 16 will offer other innovations that will be available on all iPhones compatible with iOS 16. This includes updates to notifications and new health tracking features. As the website Neowin reports, there should also be some innovations for the normal lock screen. Supposedly, users should be able to set backgrounds with widget-like functions there.

Exactly what that will look like is not known at this point in time. The first glimpses of iOS 16 will probably be available on June 6th. Then Apple will present the operating system update at WWDC 2022.


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