Best monitor up to 200 euros: Recommended devices at a low price

Best monitor up to 200 euros: Recommended devices at a low price

Be it that the old monitor gives up the ghost or a second screen is helpful in the home office: good monitors are cheap to get today. We reveal which models are recommended for less than 200 euros and what limitations they have.

By Sebastian Weber

A new monitor used to be an expensive purchase. In the meantime, computer screens are available for little money, as long as you can make compromises in terms of equipment and technology. We will show you some recommended models up to 200 euros and explain the limitations.

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The best monitors under 200 euros

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Even monitors for less than 200 euros offer decent equipment. Image: © PEAQ/TurnON 2022

Screens are available from many different manufacturers such as LG, Acer, Asus and Dell. We focus on models from four suppliers that offer different advantages and are particularly good for certain areas such as gaming or office work.


If you're looking for a monitor suitable for video gaming, Acer's Nitro line of displays offer a good all-in-one package. The Acer Nitro QG241Y and Acer Nitro VG270 models are available for little money. The main difference lies in the screen size, which is around 24 inches or 60 centimeters for the first model and 27 inches or 69 centimeters for the second device.

Both screens deliver images in Full HD resolution and are capable of AMD FreeSync, which means that they adapt the calculation of the image signals to the refresh rate of the display. The refresh rate of the models only achieves standard values at 60 and 75 Hz. Practical: The monitors can be tilted back and forth so that you can adjust them ergonomically. The device with a 27-inch display also has an audio connection.

Gamers who value a high refresh rate should better use the AOC 24G2SAE or ASUS VG24VQE monitor. Both have a size of around 24 inches and display content in Full HD. The biggest difference to the Acer devices is the refresh rate of 165 Hz. This ensures a particularly smooth display when a powerful computer is connected.

The display of the Asus monitor is slightly curved, which gives you a stronger feeling of being in the middle of the action when gaming. The AOC screen, on the other hand, is flat and has built-in speakers as a special feature.

office monitor

The gaming screens mentioned are basically also suitable for office work. Users who only use their PC for work usually do not need technologies such as AMD FreeSync. We therefore recommend the Dell S2421H as a solid office monitor.

The model also masters Full HD display and has a decent contrast ratio. There are also speakers, and Dell has also equipped the display with so-called flicker-free technology. It ensures that the image flickers less and that working for long periods is not tiring on the eyes.

Good to know before you buy

PEAQ G340-Gaming-Monitor

In this price range, you can enjoy games in full HD at most. Image: © PEAQ/

You can't go wrong with the mentioned monitors under 200 euros. However, there are some limitations, as is usual with cheap models.

The screens in the lower price segment usually only have Full HD display. Ultra HD or 4K is only available with the more expensive models. However, Full HD is perfectly adequate for 24-inch screens, and the resolution is also sufficient for 27-inch screens as long as you sit far enough away from your monitor. On even larger displays, content would be blurred. Advantage for gamers: A lower resolution means that your PC has to be less powerful.

The refresh rate of monitors up to 200 euros is usually 60 to 75 Hz. If you are looking for higher frequencies, you have to look at the exceptions mentioned above or pay attention to what the manufacturer specifies when buying.

Ergonomic options are also mostly limited. The fewest cheap computer screens offer functions such as height adjustment, they can often only be tilted forwards and backwards.


  • Monitors up to 200 euros are available for all areas of application, whether for office work or especially for gaming.
  • The inexpensive models come with limitations, such as a lack of ergonomic options.
  • The Full HD resolution, which most displays in this price range support, is sufficient for screen sizes from 24 to 27 inches.

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