Android 13: The big update

Android 13: The big update

brings these new features

The stable version of Android 13 will be released in autumn. We have summarized the most important new features of the upcoming update for you here.

Material You: Update for color schemes


Material You will also change the color scheme of app icons in the future. Image: © Google LLC/ Screenshot: 2022

The most visually striking new feature of Android 13 are the revised Material You designs. Since Android 12, the system has selected colors to match the background image on your smartphone for displaying menus and Google apps.

What is new is that Material You will also offer standard color schemes in the future. This allows users to choose color schemes regardless of their background image. In addition, after the update, the Material You colors no longer only run through system apps, but also change the icons of compatible third-party applications.

Google Wallet: More than just paying

Google Pay

Google Pay will only be part of Google Wallet in the future. Image: © Adobe Stock/prima91 2020

Google Pay will be integrated into Google Wallet in the near future. With Android 13, the functionality of the wallet app will be expanded even further. The goal: Wallet should completely replace the physical wallet. In the future, you will not only be able to save payment information in the application, but also ID cards, flight tickets or vaccination certificates. It is not yet known how many of these options will also be available to German users.

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Google Messages: end-to-end encrypted group chats

Google Android Messages

Google Messages offers more protection for group conversations starting with Android 13. Image: © Google 2018

Google Messages is the default text message app on every Android device. Thanks to RCS support, the successor to SMS, direct messages between two people are already end-to-end encrypted. Group chats, on the other hand, have not offered this level of security so far. That changes with Android 13.

Multilingual: Different languages for apps


In Android 13, the system language no longer automatically determines the language of an app. Image: © GOOGLE 2022

After updating to Android 13, you can set different languages for different apps. Even if the system language of your mobile phone is set to German, you can then set different languages for apps. Practical for users who are multilingual on the go in everyday life.

Emergency Calls: Call for help with Wear OS


Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 is equipped with Wear OS. Image: © Samsung 2022

Since Android 12, you can use your smartphone to notify emergency contacts in the event of an accident and share key information when it is locked. Android 13 should also bring this function to smartwatches with Wear OS. For example, users of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and similar Android watches can look forward to the update.

More security: the clipboard is automatically deleted

Android already informs you when an app tries to access your clipboard history. Android 13 goes one step further. The system not only informs you about possible access, but also deletes your clipboard regularly so that no sensitive data is stored here any longer. Android 13 also gets a new privacy and security settings menu that gives the user a quick overview of the phone's security status.

Big Screens: Better support for tablets and foldables


Android should also work better on foldable devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 3 in the future. Image: © Samsung 2021

After Android 12L, Android 13 should now also offer further improvements for Android on large devices such as tablets and foldable smartphones. For example, the central taskbar will always be accessible. Apps in split-screen should also work better together and allow drag-and-drop file transfers.

Protection against access: Individual limit for image gallery


Android 13 offers more protection for your private photos. Picture:

Similar to iOS, Android will offer the option of granting apps only limited access to photos. For example, you can only allow a messenger app to access the images you want to share. The rest of your archive remains protected.

Better synchronization: Combining smartphone and tablet becomes easier


Different Android devices should work together even better in the future. Image: © ASUS 2021

Android 13 should also optimize jumping between smartphones and other Android devices. An example: In the future, the connection of wireless headphones between smartphone and tablet will be changed almost automatically. In addition, copy and paste should work across devices. Also new: You can stream app content to your computer in Android 13.


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