These sandals that Xiaomi sells are sweeping AliExpress: comfortable, light and ideal for summer

These sandals that Xiaomi sells are sweeping AliExpress: comfortable, light and ideal for summer

Xiaomi's ecological line offers a wide variety of interesting items in its catalog that end up becoming resounding sales successes . Such is the case of these light design sandals that Xiaomi sells , which are sweeping the AliExpress platform with hundreds of units sold.

Through its Crowdfunding Youpin platform , Xiaomi markets practical and comfortable light sandals ideal for summer. The flip flops combine a retro, sporty and urban style. In addition, they are suitable for all genders and are available in multiple sizes and colors.

Its EVA rubber material is soft and the wide thickness of its sole does not cause discomfort when walking. In addition, it is worth noting that the sandals do not obstruct perspiration , so the sweat does not remain stagnant and the bad smell vanishes. Xiaomi's light sandals belong to the company's ecological line, so it does not include its logo.

Estas sandalias que vende Xiaomi están arrasando en AliExpress. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

In general terms, it is a practical product with a simple appearance but that fulfills its function: to offer comfortable footwear to enjoy the summer .

Where to buy EVA flip flops from Youpin

You can find the EVA light sandals that Xiaomi sells through Youpin available on AliExpress in their different presentations .

The sizes range from number 38 to 47 according to the EU scale . The light sandals that Xiaomi sells also come in three different colors: white, gray and black . Each one with different colored details. Its value ranges from 11 to 14 euros depending on the size chosen.

If you want to stay on top of all the hot products Xiaomi sells , check out these three must-have AliExpress stores . There you will find the latest in technology, smartphones, ecological line and much more that the company has to offer. Let us know in our Telegram chat which Xiaomi product you want to buy.

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