»Hyouka«: German trailer for the upcoming disc release

»Hyouka«: German trailer for the upcoming disc release

May 17, 2022

While the first volume of the 22-part anime series Hyouka will be released later than originally planned, as recently reported , KSM Anime today released a German trailer for the mystery anime that introduces the first scenes (see below).

Hyouka will be released regularly from June 9, 2022 in four volumes as a digipak in a slipcase on DVD and Blu-ray. The first volume contains the first six episodes in German and Japanese and, in addition to a slipcase, contains a 44-page booklet, four art cards, the opening and ending song, trailer and a picture gallery as an extra. Volume one will be available exclusively in the online shop Anime Planet from May 19, 2022.

The second volume will follow on June 16, 2022, before the third volume will be released on July 21, 2022 and the final fourth volume will go on sale on August 18, 2022.

KSM Anime commissioned Think Global Media GmbH in Berlin for the German implementation, with Philip Süss directing the dialogue and writing the dialogue book together with Tom Sielemann and Julia Bautz.

German voice cast:

role Speaker: in
Houtaro Oreki Jan Makino
Eru Chitanda Saskia luck
Satoshi Fukube Constantine von Jascheroff
Mayaka Ibara Laura Oettel
Fuyumi Irisu Ezra Vural
Yoko Itoigawa Ariane Borbach
Junya Nakajou Stefan Bräuler
Tomohiro Haba Marcel Mann
Rie Zenna Magdalena Hofner
Masashi Tougaito Konrad Bosherz
Misaki Sawakiguchi Rieke Werner
Takeo Katsuta Jonas Franz
Oreki Tomoe Peggy Polow
Kuraka Eba Jennifer White
Kayo Zenna Julia Bautz
Jirou Sugimura Carlos Fanselow
Midori Yamanishi Jana Kotseva
Mamiko Senoue Bettina Kenny
Jirou Tanabe Sebastian Kluckert
Yuri Kunosu Peggy Pollow
Takeo Kaito Benno Lehmann
Shuko Yuasa Ann Vielhave

Hyouka is based on Honobu Yonezawa's Classic Literature Club light novel series, which was published in Japan in October 2001. The 22-episode anime adaptation, which ran on Japanese television from April to September 2012, was directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto at Studio Kyoto Animation, while Shouji Gatou penned the screenplay. The manga adaptation will be published in Germany by the publisher TOKYOPOP in German.

Pre-order now on Amazon:
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> Vol. 3 ( DVD | Blu-ray )
> Vol. 4 ( DVD | Blu-ray )

German trailer:


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This is what Hyouka is about:

Hotaro is a rather passive student. But his sister persuades him to join the 'Classic Club' so that it won't be closed. Three more members soon join, the curious Eru, his cheerful friend Satoshi and the sharp-tongued Mayaka. Together they are now trying to solve various mysterious mysteries that they encounter again and again in their club activities…

Source : KSM Anime Pictures: Honobu Yonezawa/KADOKAWA CORPORATION

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