New details about the disc release of »Dr. STONE: Stone Wars«

New details about the disc release of »Dr. STONE: Stone Wars«

May 12, 2022

After there was no new information for a long time, KAZÉ Anime announced in the current newsletter when the home video release of the second season of Dr. STONE should start.

Accordingly, KAZÉ Anime would like to release the eleven-part second season from August 18, 2022 in a total of two volumes on DVD and Blu-ray. Included are the respective episodes with German and Japanese dubbed versions. Whether and which extras there will be is not yet known. A pre-order is also not yet possible.

The sequel adapts the Stone Wars saga of the original manga by Riichirou Inagaki and Boichi. Season two consists of eleven episodes and is again produced at studios 8PAN and TMS and directed by Shinya Iino. The original manga template is available in German from Carlsen Manga Carlsen Manga .

Both seasons to Dr. In Germany, STONE is available in its entirety on Crunchyroll in the original Japanese version with German subtitles and with German dubbing. KAZÉ Anime has already released the 24-part first season in four volumes on DVD and Blu-ray . We already reported about the announcement of a third season in this article .

Order season 1 now on Amazon:
> Vol. 1 ( DVD | Blu-ray )
> Vol. 2 ( DVD | Blu-ray )
> Vol. 3 ( DVD | Blu-ray )
> Vol. 4 ( DVD | Blu-ray )

> Watch the series on Crunchyroll (OmU|DE)

German OmU trailer:


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That's what Dr. STONE Season 2 :

We are traveling at great speed into the future thousands of years away. There, Senku works with the Science Kingdom to prevent the bloodshed to come. Because as soon as the snow has melted, Tsukasa wants to attack the kingdom and take it under his control… Senku doesn't want to let that happen in the first place, but when Chrome is captured, a new strategy is required: It's time, the era of the steam engines ring in!

Source : KAZÉ Anime Pictures: ©米スタジオ・Boichi/集英社・Dr.STONE製作委員会

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