Twittering Birds Never Fly prequel OVA will be released in July on disc

Twittering Birds Never Fly prequel OVA will be released in July on disc

April 27, 2022

In January of this year, KAZÉ Anime announced that it had also secured the prequel OVA for the anime adaptation Twittering Birds Never Fly . In the meantime, the anime label from Berlin has revealed details about the planned disc release.

Accordingly, the approximately 25-minute OVA with German and Japanese voice output is expected to be released on July 21, 2022 as an HD Keep Case with O-Card. Twittering Birds Never Fly: Don't Stay Gold is a prequel and was released together with the seventh volume of the manga.

The adaptation of the Boys Love manga will consist of a total of three 60-minute films, the first of which premiered in Japan on February 15, 2020. The studio GRIZZLY took over the production under the direction of Kaori Makita, while Hiroshi Seko wrote the screenplay. KAZÉ Anime released this on DVD and Blu-ray on November 18, 2021.

The second film is titled The Storm Breaks and is currently in the planning stage. The associated manga series by Kou Yoneda started in August 2011 and has so far comprised seven volumes in Japan. In Germany, the series has been published by the publisher Manga Cult since September 2020.

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WHAT IT 'S ABOUT Twittering Birds Never Fly: Don't stay gold :

The "mad dog" Kuga is a gifted street fighter, self-confident, spirited, stubborn. That's exactly why Yashiro wants him with the Yakuza, not so much because Kuga owes them a debt. Because Kuga's debt collection isn't going so well either: he's just beating up one of Yashiro's subordinates. Yashiro has his childhood friend Kageyama patch it up again, and he also has his eye on Kuga. And in more ways than one — Kageyama is magically attracted to Kuga, despite not being into guys. But for now he takes him under his wing. Can this go well?

Source : KAZÉ Anime Images: © Kou Yoneda, TAIYOHTOSHO/Twittering birds never fly Committee

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