Three tricks of the Calculator of your Xiaomi that perhaps you did not know

Three tricks of the Calculator of your Xiaomi that perhaps you did not know

Xiaomi's default applications often hide the most interesting functions . Such is the case of the Calculator application , which is present on all the company's devices, whether it is a Xiaomi, a Redmi or a POCO.

With this practical tool we can do much more than simply add, subtract, multiply and divide. In fact, the MIUI calculator has three fascinating tricks that you may not have known about .

The multiple functions offered by the MIUI calculator

Xiaomi Mi Calculator is a tool that you can download for free through the Play Store on any Android device. This application offers multiple advantages beyond what would be expected in a common calculator .

From its drive converters; such as temperature, volume and area, to the possibility of calculating a loan or investment . Of course, Mi Calculator goes much further and offers you three very curious tricks that you can try right now on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO.

1. Enable floating MIUI calculator

Trick to enable MIUI calculator floating window

If you need to do some calculations quickly, but don't want to jump from one application to another, the MIUI calculator gives you the possibility to enable a floating window . The trick is quite simple, because you only need to enter the app, and click on the double arrow icon in the upper left corner.

This minimizes the size of the calculator to a small floating window. It allows you to modify its size with the lower left tab , and even adjust its opacity by clicking on the drop icon . In this way, you can continue using your Xiaomi while doing calculations on the calculator.

2. Calculate the days, hours and minutes you have been alive

Another of the many tricks that Mi Calculator offers is that it allows you to calculate the days, hours and minutes you have been alive. In addition, the application also gives you the option to add that information to the calendar , or share the calculation on your social network profiles .

Calculate the years, months, days, hours and minutes of your life

The procedure is quite fast, since you only have to follow a series of simple steps:

  • Open the Mi Calculator app.
  • Access the central menu that appears at the top of the screen.
  • Go to the “ Age ” section.
  • Enter the date you were born .

Once you enter the date, the MIUI Calculator will take care of calculating how many years, months and days you have alive . Likewise, it shows you how many months and days your next birthday is missing, as well as a summary with the number of minutes, hours and days you have been in this world.

3. Calculate different exchange rates instantly

Finally, the Xiaomi calculator has a finance section where you can make investment or loan calculations . However, the most striking trick in this section is, without a doubt, the “Currency” area. Here users can determine the equivalence of a currency with that of their respective country .

For example, if you are in Spain, you can check the exchange rate from the euro to dollars or yuan in an instant . The rate data is provided by the Webull platform, and the values are constantly updated.

Calculate the exchange rates of different currencies

All you need to do is choose the currencies whose exchange rates you want to determine. The MIUI calculator allows you to work with three different currencies at the same time , and you only have to enter an amount to calculate in any of these.

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