Really cool: 5 smart refrigerators for your smart kitchen

Really cool: 5 smart refrigerators for your smart kitchen

Smart fridges can do more than just cool your groceries. Thanks to the WLAN connection and app, you can easily integrate them into your smart home and control them remotely. We introduce you to five smart devices – from cheap to luxurious.

Liebherr IRe 4101-20: For Smart Home beginners

Thanks to the SmartDevice module and the associated app, you can turn any Liebherr refrigerator with the "SmartDevice" lettering into an intelligent kitchen appliance. This also applies to the Liebherr IRe 4101-20 . Once networked, you control the refrigerator using the SmartDevice app for iOS and Android via smartphone or tablet.

You can also control the built-in fridge with the voice assistants Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, for example to activate the fridge's party mode. In this mode, the Liebherr IRe 4101-20 starts functions such as "SuperCool" and "SuperFrost" to quickly cool drinks and food at room temperature. Despite the smart possibilities, the 1.20 meter high refrigerator is priced at a relatively low level.

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Bosch KFN96APEA: Sends messages and gives everyday tips

The Bosch KFN96APEA is not just a refrigerator with a WLAN connection. This device supports you with helpful push notifications and everyday tips. For example, the refrigerator sends you a message if its door is not properly closed. In addition, the companion app explains how to store fresh food correctly.

The refrigerator works particularly well with "Home Connect", the smart home solution from Bosch. If the device is integrated in this way, you can monitor the function of your refrigerator and even regulate the temperature while you are on vacation. In addition, the interior of the free-standing unit has functions such as "FreshSense" and "MultiAirflow", which ensure a consistently cool and controlled climate in this 1.80 meter high refrigerator.

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LG GSX971 NEAZ: Look inside the fridge with a tap

With the LG GSX971 NEAZ, a real communication professional is moving into your kitchen. Thanks to the company's own operating system and Alexa integration, the 1.80 meter high double-door easily gets along with the manufacturer's smart stoves, dishwashers and the like. But that is by no means the only smart feature that the InstaView refrigerators can offer.

Thanks to the integrated smart pane, you can see what food is left without having to open the door: if you knock twice lightly, the otherwise dark pane allows you to look inside. You can use the associated Smart ThinQ app to regulate the temperature inside and use the diagnostic function of the refrigerator.

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Miele KS 28463 Dbb: cools on demand

You can use the [email protected] app to control and monitor this 1.85 meter high free-standing Miele device from your smartphone or tablet. Miele has also developed a skill for Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, with which the fridge cools down the purchase that has just been stored away in record time.

The KS 28463 Dbb also has exciting things to offer apart from the smart functions. A special feature of this model is the blackboard surface, on which you can write with chalk, like on a blackboard at school. Ideal for leaving short messages or memos that indicate important appointments. Miele's DynaCool system, on the other hand, ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed throughout the refrigerator. This keeps your groceries fresh no matter where they are.

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Samsung RS6HA8891SL/EG: Luxury device with an integrated camera

Smart family hub devices from Samsung like the RS6HA8891SL/EG are much more than refrigerators. With Samsung's smart home solution SmartThings, you use the device as a command center in your networked home. For example, you can control cameras, lights or thermostats directly from the door of your refrigerator. If you own a Samsung Smart TV, you can even stream films to the 21.5-inch refrigerator display. A browser is installed directly on the device and enables you to search for recipes on the web.

You can also use the touchscreen of the 1.80 meter high two-door car like a digital whiteboard. You can display appointments and family photos or write a handwritten note yourself. Every morning the device has a personal briefing with tasks to be completed and the weather report ready for you. With the help of the camera integrated in the fridge, you can check what's in your fridge while you're on the go, and the Meal Planner provides the right recipes. Practical!

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