»Bubble«: New trailer for the original anime by Studio WIT

»Bubble«: New trailer for the original anime by Studio WIT

April 8, 2022

Before Studio WIT's new Bubble original anime is available worldwide on Netflix at the end of April, Warner Bros. Japan recently released a new, approximately 30-second story trailer on YouTube. You can find this below.

The original Bubble anime will be available worldwide exclusively on streaming giant Netflix from April 28, 2022, ahead of its May 13, 2022 release in Japanese cinemas.

Bubble was created at Studio WIT under the direction of director Tetsurō Araki. Gen Urobuchi wrote the script, while Takeshi Obata contributed character design and Hiroyuki Sawano composed the music. It is not yet known whether the film will also be released with a German soundtrack.

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This is what Bubble is about:

The story takes place in Tokyo after bubbles that broke the laws of gravity rained down on the world. Cut off from the outside world, Tokyo has become a playground for a group of young people who have lost their families, serving as a battleground for parkour team fights as they jump from building to building. Hibiki, a young ace known for his dangerous playstyle, one day makes a daring move and falls into the gravity-scarred sea. His life is saved by Uta, a girl with mysterious powers who suddenly appears. Suddenly, the two hear a unique sound that only they can hear. Why did Uta show up in front of Hibiki? Their encounter leads to a revelation that will change the world.

Source : Warner Bros. Japan, Netflix Images: © 2022「バブル」製作委員会

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