Third part of the final "Attack on Titan" season officially announced

Third part of the final "Attack on Titan" season officially announced

April 4, 2022

Last Sunday, the final episode of the second part of the final season of Attack on Titan aired on Japanese TV. However, one could only guess that this is not the end of the successful series. Now it is finally certain: Attack on Titan: Final Season will receive a final third part.

With a visual and the first teaser, the production team announced the sequel to Attack on Titan: Final Season , which is planned for 2023, shortly after the airing of the last episode for the time being. All other details about Part 3 are still pending.

Attack on Titan: Final Season was created by Studio MAPPA and directed by Yūichiro Hayashi. While the 16-part first part ran on Japanese television from December 2020 to March 2021, the twelve-part second part was broadcast between January 2022 and April 2022. In Germany, both Crunchyroll and Wakanim showed the final season in simulcast, with all episodes still available on both streaming platforms.

The anime label KAZÈ Anime is currently releasing the first half of Attack on Titan: Final Season on DVD and Blu-ray and Wakanim is already releasing the dub version of Part 2 of the Final Season .

> Watch the series at Wakanim (OmU|DE)
> Watch the series on Crunchyroll (OmU|DE)




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A long time ago, all of humanity was forced to retreat behind gigantic, circular walls to safety from giant titans bent on only one thing: devouring humans! Only the heroic soldiers of the Scout Regiment venture beyond the walls these days… but they usually come back badly decimated. But one day the unthinkable happens: A titan of colossal proportions manages to break through the gigantic wall and thus bring even more misery to mankind!

Source : Official Twitter Account Images: Ⓒ Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/ATTACK ON TITAN Production Committee. All rights reserved

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