Samsung and iFixit launch self-repair program for Galaxy devices

Samsung and iFixit launch self-repair program for Galaxy devices

Samsung announces a self-repair program for Galaxy smartphones in cooperation with iFixit. The company will provide users with official spare parts, tools and step-by-step instructions. The program is slated to launch in the United States this summer.


As the Engadget website reports, users will initially be able to repair components such as glass backs, charging ports and displays on their Samsung smartphones themselves. Supported models are the Galaxy S20 and S21. With the Galaxy Tab S7+, a tablet is also included. Samsung will then gradually expand the self-repair program to other models. Users can send the defective components back to Samsung, where they are then professionally recycled.

More user comfort and sustainability

According to Samsung, the self-repair program should on the one hand bring convenience for smartphone users, but on the other hand it also represents a sustainability measure. Galaxy owners should be able to use their smartphones longer through self-repair and thus produce less electronic waste.

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The self-repair program is probably also a reaction to the right to repair, which is becoming increasingly important not only in the EU but also in the USA. Samsung has not revealed when exactly Samsung's self-repair service will start and whether it will also be extended to Europe. More information is to follow over the course of the year.

Apple offers a similar repair service

However, Samsung is not the only smartphone manufacturer that wants to make it easier for users to repair themselves. Apple already announced in November 2021 that the so-called self-service repair should start in early 2022. Basically, the program hardly differs from Samsung's repair program.

Apple also offers original parts, tools and repair instructions. Replaced components can also be sent back to the company for recycling. Customers even receive a voucher for their next purchase.

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