How to know if your Xiaomi has fast charging and if you are taking full advantage of it

How to know if your Xiaomi has fast charging and if you are taking full advantage of it

Fast charging is one of those technologies that help us save a lot of time. In just 10 minutes we can have our Xiaomi at full capacity . All thanks to the efficiency of fast charging.

However, not all terminals are compatible with this technology , and many chargers do not have the necessary infrastructure to offer a charge of this level .

Fortunately, from the MIUI settings we find three different ways to easily decipher if your Xiaomi has fast , or if you are taking full advantage of all its benefits. So, if you want to know more about it, then read on.

The battery icon indicates the type of charge

When you connect the mobile to the charger, or any other system through a USB cable, the device will start to recharge the battery. However, the charging icon changes its appearance depending on the type of energy it receives .

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Therefore, you can determine whether the type of charging is slow, fast or extra fast by looking at the charging icon after connecting your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO to a power supply.

  • Fast charging displays an icon of a double lightning bolt that is intertwined . In addition to this, it is also an indication that both the mobile and the charger are compatible with fast charging technology.
  • Slow or normal charging displays a simple lightning bolt icon . It is the most common image that we see in the upper right corner of our device after connecting it to the charger.

Similarly, on the lock screen there is also usually a message at the bottom indicating the type of load . If it is normal charging, it will simply say “ charging ”, while if it is fast charging, the message will be “ fast charging ”.

Use a charger with a charge limit equal to that of the mobile

Using a charger that shares the same fast charging limit of the mobile is very important to enjoy this technology to the fullest. Especially if we refer to the Mi Turbo Charge system, which is represented by an icon in the charging animation . Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

If, for example, you use a 33W charger to recharge the battery of a terminal whose limit is 55W, you would be taking full advantage of the charger's capabilities, but not those of the mobile . In this case, the Mi Turbo Charge icon would not appear on the screen.

On the other hand, if you use a 55W charger to charge the battery of a mobile phone with a 55W fast charge, you will notice that the Mi Turbo Charge icon appears in the charging animation .

Check battery status

On the other hand, if you want to know if your device is using fast charging, just access the following path: Settings> About phone> All specifications> Status .

  • Once inside, you will see that the first menu item is the battery status .
  • When the mobile is disconnected, it will say “ Not charging ”.
  • If you are using normal charging, “ Charging ” will appear in that section.
  • While, if the mobile is applying fast charging, next to the battery status the terms " Fast charging " will appear.

In short, fast charging can be a great ally in times of urgency. However, abusing it can wear out the battery of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO more quickly . Therefore, if you want the charge of your mobile to last longer, then we invite you to read this article on how to extend the life of your Xiaomi battery .

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