"Tiger & Bunny": Netflix expands its anime catalog with both movies

"Tiger & Bunny": Netflix expands its anime catalog with both movies

March 22, 2022

Even before the second season of Tiger & Bunny starts, there will be replenishment for the franchise on Netflix: Corresponding entries with the SVOD provider recently made it clear that Netflix is including both films from the anime series in its catalogue.

Accordingly, fans can access the films Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning and Tiger & Bunny: The Rising on Netflix from April 1, 2022. It is currently not possible to determine from the entries whether a German language version will be available directly for publication.

Both Tiger & Bunny films were directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani at Studio Sunrise. The screenplay was written by Masafumi Nishida both times. Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning premiered in September 2012, which recaps the first episodes of the first season and introduces a new, alternate story. The second 2014 film, Tiger & Bunny: The Rising , is a sequel and takes place about a year after the anime finale.

The 25-part first season has been available on Netflix since February 2021 in various languages, including German. A second season of the comedy anime starts on April 8, 2022 exclusively with the streaming giant.

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OmU trailer for Season 2:


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Visual for the first film:

Tiger & Bunny

Visual for the second film:

Tiger & Bunny: The Rising (2014) - IMDb

This is what Tiger & Bunny is about:

In Constellation City, people of all races and ethnicities live alongside people with superhuman abilities called NEXT, who use their NEXT abilities to keep the peace.

Wearing sponsor logos, heroes help fight crime and rescue fellow citizens to improve the image of their respective companies and earn hero points. Their exploits are broadcast on the popular show Hero TV, where they can climb the annual leaderboard and achieve King of Heroes status.

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Barnaby Brooks Jr. increase the reputation of their company, Apollon Media, by doing good deeds and keeping the peace. The hero system of Constellation City has now been established all over the world. As more heroes continue to excel, a new hero emerges in Constellation City. Kotetsu and Barnaby are now among the veteran heroes. Will they be able to live up to expectations?

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