KAZÉ releases German trailer for »Detective Conan: The Halloween Bride«

KAZÉ releases German trailer for »Detective Conan: The Halloween Bride«

March 22, 2022

After KAZÉ Anime recently presented the current 25th film in the Detective Conan series as part of the KAZÉ Anime Nights 2022 ( we reported ), the Berlin anime label recently released a German original subtitles trailer for the film. You can find it under this article.

Detective Conan – The Movie (25): The Halloween Bride is the latest full-length feature film of the little master detective, which is being produced at studio TMS Entertainment and directed by Susumu Mitsunaka. While Takahiro Okura wrote the script, Yugo Kanno provided the musical accompaniment. The 25th cinema film will premiere in Japan on April 15, 2022.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, The Halloween Bride should then shine on the big screen on May 31, 2021, both in the Japanese original version with German subtitles and with German soundtrack.

Detective Conan has been broadcast in Japan since January 1996 and currently includes more than 1,000 episodes, 24 films and various specials. Streaming provider Crunchyroll offers the first 433 episodes and 22 films on demand. A disc release will be provided by KAZÉ Anime, while ProSieben MAXX will also airnew episodes this year.

You can find more details and all news about the KAZÉ Anime Nights 2022 here .

German OmU trailer:


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This is what Detective Conan: The Halloween Bride is all about:

Miwako Sato and Wataru Takagi are about to tie the knot when suddenly someone disrupts the ceremony and injures Wataru trying to protect his bride. Miwako is reminded of a past situation when her partner Jinpei was killed in a bomb attack – and the man responsible has now escaped from prison…coincidence? Conan, who is also present at the wedding ceremony, doesn't believe in coincidences and sets out to solve this new case!

Source : KAZÈ Anime Images: ©2022 Gosho Aoyama/Detective Conan Production Committee

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