Guide to become an expert and control all the notifications of your Xiaomi

Guide to become an expert and control all the notifications of your Xiaomi

Notifications are essential to be aware of any new message, alert or call received. Still, these are not always welcome. There are times of the day when we may need greater concentration .

Being at work, in class, in a meeting or simply at the movies, we probably need to disable or specifically control the notifications received on our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO . If that is your case, do not miss this guide where we explain in detail how to control any MIUI notification like a master.

Control your Xiaomi notifications like an expert

Fortunately, MIUI has endless settings with which we can hide or silence notifications . There are extremely simple methods, such as pressing the “Do not disturb” button in the control center , but there are also other alternatives that are a little more hidden and that are certainly worth activating. So let's start from the simplest.

1. Activate the “Do not disturb” mode on your Xiaomi

Let's start with the basics. If you don't want to be disturbed, just swipe control center and turn on Do Not Disturb .

How to activate the do not disturb mode on your Xiaomi

It is represented by the icon of a moon . Once turned on, the system notifies you that all sounds and vibrations (except for alarms) have been deactivated . This is a super easy and quick method to get away from distractions.

2. Clean the notification bar of your Xiaomi

It is likely that you are in many social networks, receive subscription emails constantly, or even receive a lot of messages. Anyway, the point is that you have your notification bar oversaturated .

There are different ways to deal with it. The quickest, but least effective, is to simply clear the notification panel .

Clean notification bar

To do this, all you have to do is slide the notification bar and tap on the X button that appears at the bottom of the screen. This is an ineffective method since the notifications will continue to come in. However, it is a great option to not delete notifications one by one.

3. Prevent constant service notifications from showing

Another simple method to avoid being bothered by a specific app is to not allow notifications from that app to be displayed. Tools like Google Photos, Mi Video, Xiaomi Cloud , among others, usually leave a fixed notification in the status bar .

Disable constant notifications on your Xiaomi

To get rid of those persistent notifications that tend to bother more than necessary, you just need to slide the notification panel and press and hold the fixed notification for a few seconds . After time, a switch will appear in the notification, which you must deactivate in order to ensure that MIUI does not continue to show you that notice in the status bar.

4. Turn off notifications from specific apps

Among the many options available in MIUI, you also have the option of deactivating the notifications of those specific apps that do not stop bothering you . For that, you need to go to Settings> Notifications and Control Center> Application notifications .

Disable notifications from specific apps on your Xiaomi

Once inside this menu, you can vary the order in which the different applications are displayed . By default they are sorted by receipt date. However, you can change the order by the number of notifications . So you can determine which are the most repeated.

Sort and customize the notifications of your Xiaomi

From this point, you have two options. For one thing, you can simply toggle the switch off and you won't see any more notifications from that app . However, if you want a more personalized experience, you can click on the application and access the notifications menu of said app.

For example, in this menu you can configure notifications to stay but not show the icon in the status bar , not have sound or vibration, not appear on the lock screen, and even disable floating notifications.

5. Prevent the screen from turning on when receiving notifications

You can also prevent notifications from interrupting you by setting the screen of your Xiaomi to not turn on when receiving one . Thus, even if you receive a warning, you would not notice it. And more if you have the sounds and vibrations deactivated. The procedure is pretty easy. Go to Settings > Lock screen and turn off the switch for “ Turn on lock screen for notifications ”.

Prevent your Xiaomi screen from turning on

As additional information, if what you want is to prevent third party eyes from looking at the content of a notification, MIUI allows you to hide the content of your notifications . If you want to know how it is done, just enter this link.

6. Turn off floating notifications on your Xiaomi

Xiaomi users have the option to turn off floating notifications at any time. The path to follow is Settings > Notifications and Control Center .

Once inside the menu, you must press the central box called “ Floating notifications ”.

Turn off floating notifications

When you enter this section, you can disable the switches of those applications that you do not want to be bothered for a while . Similarly, you can use this same route to reactivate floating notifications if you ever need it.

8. Turn on distraction-free mode

Finally, the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls section has a feature called “ Distraction Free Mode ”. As its name indicates, it is in charge of pausing the applications that most distract you and also of hiding its notifications.

Turn on distraction-free mode

Setting up distraction-free mode isn't rocket science. You just have to go to Settings> Digital wellbeing and parental controls , and then go to the “ Ways to disconnect ” section. There you will find the modality you are looking for.

Once inside, you only have to select those applications that distract you and then click on “ Activate now ”. Optionally you can set a schedule, in which you have the option to determine a schedule for the activation and deactivation of the mode without distractions . Thus, the function will take care of pausing the distracting applications at the established time.

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