How to lock your Xiaomi if the power button does not work

How to lock your Xiaomi if the power button does not work

One of the physical elements that usually causes the most problems is the power button. If it receives a blow or ends up failing for some reason, we will not be able to turn on or block our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO , at least in the most usual way.

In the past this scenario was totally problematic. However, today MIUI gives us multiple options, in addition to the physical buttons, to lock or turn on the mobile screen . If this is your case, do not miss the following tricks.

So you can lock your Xiaomi without the power button

Physical buttons are not the only means of access, or lockout. In fact, as far as Xiaomi is concerned, you can lock your device in three ways : through the control center, with the floating ball, or with the lock widget.

1. From the control center

The first option can be found, as we have already said, in the control center. All you have to do is slide the panel and press the “ Lock ” button .

How to lock your Xiaomi if the power button does not work. News Xiaomi Addicts

This is probably one of the best known and easiest ways to carry it out.

2. From the floating ball

Another option is through the floating ball, which brings by default the blocking tool as a shortcut . If you don't have it enabled, just go to Settings> Additional settings> Floating ball .

Cómo bloquear tu Xiaomi si el botón de encendido no funciona. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Then flip the switch to make the ball appear on one edge of the screen. Next, click on the floating ball and press the lock shortcut .

3. From the lock widget

Finally, the last option is to do it through the lock widget. To get to it, you just have to press and hold any free space on the screen for a few seconds . You will notice that the option to add widgets appears right at the bottom.

Click on the “ Widget ” button and, in the “ Quick functions ” section, select the lock widget. It is displayed as a shortcut on the mobile screen. Once added, you just have to click on the icon to lock the device.

So you can turn on your Xiaomi without the power button

Similarly, a damaged power button means that the screen cannot be activated . Fortunately, MIUI makes other power-on methods available to you. These are: turn on the screen of your Xiaomi with the double tap and activate the screen of your Xiaomi automatically when you pick it up .

Both features are located in Settings > Lock screen , and all you have to do is activate the corresponding switches. In this way, when you pick up the mobile, or give two light touches to the screen with your finger, it will be activated instantly.

Similarly, if you have a device with fingerprint unlocking, you will only need to place your fingerprint on the sensor so that the mobile turns on automatically .

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