iPhone 14: longer battery life thanks to new 5G chips?

iPhone 14: longer battery life thanks to new 5G chips?

The iPhone 14 could last longer in everyday life than the iPhone 13. A new 5G chip is said to be responsible for this. Apple is said to be changing the chip manufacturer for the upcoming iOS smartphone – Samsung would be out of it.

Apple apparently has a new supplier for the 5G chips in the iPhone 14. As reported by 9to5Mac , citing the Taiwanese Economic Daily News, chip manufacturer TSMC will receive the order for the upcoming iPhone and thus replace Samsung.

Smaller chips – more space for the battery

TSMC uses the 6nm architecture to manufacture the 5G chips. The chips are therefore smaller than the previous ones – which in turn leaves more space for the battery. But the new components bring even more benefits. The 5G chips from TSMC, which are manufactured using the 6nm process, require less energy themselves, which also has a positive effect on battery life. While Apple still advises all iPhone 13 buyers not to leave 5G on all the time due to their hunger for power, the iPhone 14 could deliver the same battery life with 5G always on.

iPhone 14 Wi-Fi 6/6E support?

Furthermore, the iPhone 14 could offer Wi-Fi 6/6E support – also thanks to the new 6nm chips. Wi-Fi 6 was already being discussed for the iPhone 13, but was not yet an issue when it was presented in autumn 2021. It is therefore conceivable that Apple will bring Wi-Fi 6 support with the iPhone 14. The new WLAN standard not only saves the battery, but also improves the average data transfer rate in busy networks. The iPad 2022 should also offer Wi-Fi 6 support .

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