German trailer for »Sing “Yesterday” for Me« released

German trailer for »Sing “Yesterday” for Me« released

February 20, 2022

Spring brings not only a little warmth, but also a number of new home video launches in German-speaking countries. Before KAZÉ Anime releases the first volume of Sing “Yesterday” for Me in April, the Berlin-based anime label recently released a German trailer (see below).

Sing “Yesterday” for Me will be released in Germany in two volumes as a softbox in O-Card on DVD and Blu-ray. The first volume with the first six episodes in German and Japanese is expected to be available from April 21, 2022. A poster is listed as an extra.

The final second volume with episodes 7 to 12 is scheduled to follow on May 19, 2022. Whether and which extras volume two contains is not yet known.

Sing “Yesterday” for Me is based on the manga of the same name by Kei Toume and was adapted at the Doga Kobo studio and directed by Yoshiyuki Fujiwara, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Jin Tanaka. The TV broadcast of the slice-of-life anime will take place between April and June 2020 in Japan, while Crunchyroll will simulcast the series with German subtitles.

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German trailer:


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WHAT IT'S ABOUT Sing “Yesterday” for Me :

In this tale of love, suffering and humanity, four boys and girls struggle to make ends meet in a small town outside of Shinjuku. Small misunderstandings soon give rise to major complications and their manifold feelings soon weave a tight web of emotions. This is the story of everyday life looking back 49% but forward 51%.

Source : KAZÉ Anime Images: ©Kei Toume, Shueisha / Sing 'Yesterday' for Me Production Committee

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