Preview: Akebi's Sailor Uniform

Preview: Akebi's Sailor Uniform

February 20, 2022

Are you ready for a sugar-sweet anime? Then Akebi's Sailor Uniform (jap. Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku ) is just right for you. The story of the young Akebi Komichi is told with great attention to detail. The slice of life anime has been running in Japan since January 8, 2021 and makes hearts beat faster. John Victor Schwab

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A new chapter in life!

Akebi Komichi is a bright young girl who lives with her family in the idyllic countryside. Her greatest dream has always been to attend the prestigious Roubai Academy, where her mother also attended. The main reason for this is the wonderful school uniform that is worn there. It is based on a sailor's uniform.

To make this dream come true, little Akebi really gave everything: She studied to the point of dropping and did a lot of sport so that she looked good in the uniform. And she didn't do that for nothing, because the first day at the new school, where she has now been admitted, will soon begin. Appropriately, it happens that her mum is a seamstress and she makes every effort to make the uniform and the dream that comes with it come true.

Now the time has come. The first day of school begins with an opening ceremony. Akebi is already excited and so is her mother. But what they both find out pretty quickly is that the uniform that Akebi was looking forward to for so long has meanwhile been changed and has a new pattern. The uniform she wears is from when her mother went to school. Both are stunned.

Nevertheless, luck is on her side, because the headmistress knows how much Akebi was looking forward to the uniform and, when choosing a new student, forgot to tell her that it had meanwhile been changed. She lets her choose whether to wear her mother's uniform or the new one. After some hesitation, the decision is made: she will wear the uniform that her mother made with so much love and is determined to find new friends with her support.

image and animation

Akebi's Sailor Uniform (Jap. Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku ) is based on Hiro's manga of the same name, which has been published in Japan since August 2016 and has nine volumes to date. The anime adaptation is currently being developed at the CloverWorks studio, which is also currently producing the new series My Dress-Up Darling . Miyuki Kuroki is directing, with the script being written by Rino Yamazaki. The anime has been celebrating its TV premiere in Japan since January 8, 2022 and has since been running on Crunchyroll and Wakanim in the original sound with German subtitles in simulcast.

So far, the visual representation is excellent. On the one hand, the pictures are extremely detailed and depicted in a painterly way, while the play of colors is extremely successful and harmonises wonderfully with the beautiful character design. Animations are displayed fluently, the tracking shots are enchanting and skilfully underline every scene. Sometimes fewer stills would be better, but overall everything just fits together well here. The picture is incredibly valuable and constantly banishes you in front of the screen.

One would like to get lost in the picture and not expect the end. This is how you really imagine Slice of Life! The family aspect in particular comes into its own here, because there are always playful scenes that seem warm and inviting.

dubbing and music

Due to the publication in the simulcast, the episodes are currently only available in the original Japanese version with German subtitles. This is so far convincing, believable and as if made for their characters. Together with the picture, the viewer is offered the best possible.

In addition, Akebi's Sailor Uniform is effectively supported by the general musical accompaniment and by realistic and pleasant ambient noises. The musical accompaniment is completed by the wonderful titles of the opening and ending – all in all, an all-round successful work that is believable.

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Akebi's Sailor Uniform from Studio CloverWorks is an adorable slice-of-life anime from its first episodes so far, where the image is crafted with heart and soul, every scene is a feast for the eyes and skillfully reflects the emotions of the characters. Many small details give the picture that certain something. This includes, for example, the glow in the characters' eyes, which is particularly evident in picturesque still images. The scenes at school are not always as colorful as in the country, but they achieve a good contrast. Nevertheless, there are always pictures in school that stand out radiantly.


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Together with the Japanese dubbing and the animation, a very harmonious overall picture emerges. The plot is kept quite simple, but is well developed by nice dialogues. The only drawback is that the dialogues are a bit too modern, which sometimes makes them seem a bit unrealistic. In addition, the characters themselves are sometimes too positive, although I assume that this will change a little as the story progresses. Nevertheless, the anime series already shows itself with a lot of heart and energy and illuminates many topics in a charming and humorous way

short conclusion

Sweet as sugar, high-quality and charming – this is how the new slice-of-life anime opens. Akebi's Sailor Uniform is full of energy, passion and humor. A cute series with adorable characters.


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