peppermint anime disc release details for season 2 of »Saekano«

peppermint anime disc release details for season 2 of »Saekano«

February 18, 2022

Before the home video release of the twelve-part first season of Saekano starts at peppermint anime, the anime label from Munich has already announced details about the disc release of the second season.

The first volume of Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.flat is expected to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 2, 2022 and includes the first half of the twelve-part second season in German and Japanese. The second volume containing the remaining episodes will be available in stores starting August 4, 2022.

As usual with peppermint anime, a collector's slipcase limited to 500 copies is offered exclusively in the AKIBA PASS shop , which can be purchased together with a volume of your choice. In addition, the first 250 pre-orders will also receive a notepad for the first volume and a transparent folio for the second volume as an extra.

The home video release of Season 1 will be in two volumes on DVD and Blu-ray beginning February 17, 2022. The first season will be completed with the second volume, which is to follow on April 21, 2022 with episodes 7 to 12.

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend (Jap. Saenai Hiroin no Sodatekata ) adapts the light novel series of the same name by Fumiaki Maruto. The first season celebrated its TV premiere in Japan from January to March 2015 and ran in Germany on Crunchyroll with German subtitles in simulcast. A second season followed between April and June 2017 and could be followed in Germany on Amazon Prime Video . On October 26, 2019, the final anime film was released in Japanese cinemas, which will be released on disc in this country after the second season.

Pre-order season 1 now on Amazon:
> Vol. 1 ( DVD | Blu-ray )
> Vol. 2 ( DVD | Blu-ray )


Collection Slipcase:

This is what Saekano is about :

Otaku high school student Tomoya Aki has a fateful encounter with a girl one morning. This encounter prompts him to develop his own "Bishoujo Game" in which the heroine is to be modeled after the girl. But first Tomoya has to find other "developers" to help him: Two of the most popular girls in school, Eriri Spencer and Utaha Kasumigaoka, are supposed to support him. Tomoya is then shocked to discover that the girl he met is none other than his boring classmate Megumi Kato!

Source : peppermint anime Images: © 2015 Fumiaki Maruto・Kurehito Misaki・KADOKAWA / Saekano Production Committee

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