Preview: My Dress-Up Darling

Preview: My Dress-Up Darling

February 12, 2022

A shy, reserved boy meets an extroverted and popular girl who will turn his life upside down. We experience that and more in the latest comedy My Dress-Up Darling (Japanese Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru ), which is based on the manga series of the same name and has been celebrating its TV premiere in Japan since January 9, 2022. Cruchyroll and Wakanim show the anime series in Germany in the original version with German subtitles in simulcast. John Victor Schwab

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The boy with the dolls

Gojo Wakana is a 15-year-old high school student. From an early age, he fell in love with the traditional Japanese dolls that his grandfather painstakingly makes by hand. Since he was already despised by others for his interests, he developed into a very reserved boy and tries to reveal as little as possible about himself. After the tragic loss of his family, he now lives with his grandfather, with whom he also trained as a doll maker.

After serving many years, grandfather's old sewing machine is now giving up the ghost. Gojo doesn't hesitate and takes the opportunity to sew at school. The time and place are just right. He knows that the needlework course isn't taking place today, which means that nobody will be bothered if he sews a little in the course room. Completely overwhelmed by the possibilities of a modern sewing machine, he is completely absorbed in his work. However, when the door to the course room flies open and his classmate Marin Kitagawa stands in front of him, completely amazed, his world collapses.

What should he do now? what will she do But it turns out completely different. Marin takes an immediate interest in his hobby and strips naked. Again, Wakana is completely overwhelmed. But the situation clears up as quickly as it happened, because Marin is a huge cosplay fan. Like Wakana, she did some sewing at school and now asks him for feedback. A friendship begins that neither of them ever thought would exist.

image and animation

Visually, the anime adaptation has done well in the first few episodes. The characters are very modern, but still charming. Although the colors are generally well balanced, they should be a bit more intense. The different settings fit perfectly into the picture, but a little more attention to detail and a more valuable presentation would not hurt. In addition, the animations always remain fluid and solid. As a result, apart from the aforementioned small deficits, the picture is engaging and always remains true to itself. Like the anime's story, the scenes seem very sincere, honest and natural.

My Dress-Up Darling (Japanese: Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru ) is based on the manga of the same name by author Shinichi Fukuda. So far, the manga has a total of 8 volumes, which has been published in Young Gangan magazine since January 19, 2018. The anime adaptation is currently being made at the CloverWorks studio, directed by Keisuke Shinohara. The studio is particularly well known for the hit anime The Promised Neverland .

Yoriko Tomita is writing the script and Kazumasa Ishida is doing character design. The new anime series has been celebrating its premiere in Japan since January 9, 2022. In Germany, the streaming providers Crunchyroll and Wakanim secured the license and show My Dress-Up Darling in the original sound with German subtitles in a simulcast.

dubbing and music

In German-speaking countries, both Crunchyroll and Wakanim have so far only shown My Dress-Up Darling in the original version with German subtitles in the simulcast. The Japanese dubbing has been convincing so far and comes up with exciting and appealing dialogues.

These are implemented excellently by the voice actors and involve the viewer in the events. Important: The Japanese soundtrack has been lip-synched so far, which leaves a valuable impression. Strong, clear and expressive – that's the best way to describe Japanese dubbing. Furthermore, Takeshi Nakatsuka's musical accompaniment is pleasant, adapts to every situation and doesn't attract negative attention. The opening has a nice start, whereas the ending unfortunately isn't quite convincing. Nevertheless, the first episodes present themselves overall with a harmonious sound.

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My Dress-Up Darling gives a very authentic picture in the first few episodes. All areas work hand in hand and remain honest, charming and humorous. This is also reflected in the number of viewers, through which the anime already enjoys a high reputation. I can only confirm that myself. Although some areas show room for improvement, they still deliver a very coherent overall picture. Starting with the story, which is realistic but not intrusive, the viewer develops a lot of sympathy and understanding for the characters.


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Gojo Wakana is a very innocent and reserved boy and Marin is very extroverted and purposeful. Together they complement each other and with a lot of humor find answers to questions that have occupied them for a long time. It's fun to watch the two develop and to recognize yourself in some situations. Questions, fears, hopes and dreams are skilfully addressed here. I think the anime will still bring many surprises and always provide good entertainment.

short conclusion

The new comedy My Dress-Up Darling pulls you in from the start. The story is excellently implemented and the humor is definitely not lacking. The images and characters are authentic and honest, allowing the viewer to get very close to the action.

Images: ©Shinichi Fukuda/SQUARE ENIX,Kisekoi Committee

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