Telekom router settings: You should know these options

Telekom router settings: You should know these options

If you get Internet from Telekom, sooner or later you will get to know important Telekom router settings. From setting up the Speedport router to optimizing the home network to problem solving – we will explain the different setting options to you.

The new Telekom router is connected – now it only needs to be configured. You can either have this done automatically or do it yourself manually. Both work in turn via Telekom's MeinMagenta app or via the browser of a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Set up a Telekom router: Automatically using a wizard

The fastest way is to set up the Telekom router automatically: To do this, you first open a browser on the connected device – you have to be connected to the router via LAN or WLAN, but not online. The automatic setup wizard should now open. If it doesn't, enter in the address line of the browser.

Click "For the automatic configuration of Speedport routers", enter your access data that you received with the provision of the connection and follow the further instructions on the screen. If the LED indicator "Online" lights up on your router, the setup is complete.

This is how you set up the Telekom router manually

If you would like to define Telekom router settings such as access data, WLAN names, telephony data, etc. yourself, we recommend manual setup. To do this, enter either http://speedport.ip or in the address line of the browser – the login page will then open, on which you can enter the device password from the back of the router. You will then be taken to the Speedport home page and can set up Internet and telephony. For this you need your access data. If you wish, a setup assistant will also help you with the configuration.

If you want to change the WiFi name and key, you can do this under "Home network > Basic WiFi settings > Name and encryption". The device password can be reassigned under "Settings > Change device password". Note that the password must have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 alphanumeric characters.

Telekom router settings in "expert mode"

Further settings can be made in "expert mode". To access expert mode, first select "Standard mode" in the "View" section of the Telekom router settings. Then click on the "Expert mode" option. Now you can also switch WPS and NFC on or off, for example. This works under "Home network > Manage WLAN access > Add devices to the WLAN". There you can activate or deactivate the checkboxes "Via NFC (Near Field Communication)" and "Use WPS to connect computers or devices to the WLAN via WPS".

Optimize router settings for faster internet

Even with a fast DSL line, it can happen that video streams or online games falter. If it's not the router and increasing the Internet bandwidth is too expensive or not possible, you can sometimes get something out of it with the right router settings. Depending on which Telekom router you have, you can specify which technology should be used to transport data packets. This is possible, for example, with hybrid routers for DLS and LTE.

If you want to reduce the latency to increase your chances of winning online games, you can make sure in the settings that the gaming PC only connects to the Internet via DSL. This works in the Speedport menu under "Internet > Internet connection > Disable LTE or add exceptions > New exception rule". Enter a name for the rule here and set the type of rule to "Redirect devices in the LAN". Now you can select the device that should only go online via DSL and confirm the setting with "Save".

Back up important settings: This is how it works with Speedport routers

Speedport routers from Telekom offer the "Save important settings" function so that you don't have to make all the settings again and set up the Internet and telephony again if you have to replace the router or reset it to factory settings. This saves your WLAN name and the WLAN key as well as the assignment of the phone numbers to the telephone sockets and restores them if necessary. You can see which Telekom routers offer this function on this support page .

To switch this function on or off, select "Settings or System (device-dependent) > Save settings > Important settings" in the menu. Here you can check or uncheck the "Automatically back up and restore important settings (recommended)" checkbox. After a router replacement or reset, these WLAN and telephony settings are automatically restored.

Set up parental controls for the Speedport router

Some Telekom Speedport routers also offer the option of setting up parental controls for Internet access. To do this, call up the Telekom router settings at http://speedport.ip in the browser and enter your password in the configuration menu. Under "Security > Filter functions > Blocking time rules", screen times can then be defined for certain devices. You can use this to limit the time children have to visit the Internet with their smartphones.

Troubleshooting: This helps with router problems


Make sure you always keep your router firmware up to date. Image: © YouTube/Net Stories 2022

If problems occur when setting up or changing the Telekom router settings, there are several possible solutions. The first thing you should try is restarting the router and the device on which you want to make the settings. If the problem persists, try a different browser. Certain browser settings can sometimes prevent successful setup. Next, you should check that the router firmware is up to date and apply any updates that may be available.

If the setup via the browser doesn't work, you can alternatively try the MeinMagenta app – and vice versa. If looking at the manual for the Speedport router doesn't help you either, you can perform a router reset as a last resort. To perform a hardware reset, use a pointed object to press the opening on the router labeled "Reset" for five seconds. You then have to set it up again.


  • You can set up your new Telekom router either via the MeinMagenta app or via the browser.
  • Setup can be automatic or manual.
  • With a manual setup, you can change the WiFi name and key, device password, and more.
  • There are more setting options in "Expert mode".
  • If you want to optimize the Internet speed through router settings, specify which devices can only access the Internet via DSL.
  • The "Save important settings" function saves the most important settings in the event of a router replacement or reset.
  • In the security settings of some Telekom routers, you can set blocking time rules for child protection.
  • If you have router problems, try rebooting, updating the firmware, or if necessary, performing a reset.

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