What are LTPO screens and which Xiaomi phones make use of these

What are LTPO screens and which Xiaomi phones make use of these

In recent times it was learned that Xiaomi incorporated a new technology on the screen of the Xiaomi 12 Pro variant. It aims to improve the quality of images on AMOLED screens . This technology is known as LTPO, but what are LTPO screens and which Xiaomi phones make use of them?

LTPO screens and how they work

LTPO stands for Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide . This term refers to a very particular motherboard technology, which is present in active matrix AMOLED, pure OLED and OLED displays .

It should be noted that the acronym LTPO does not refer strictly to a type of screen, but to the technology that makes up the screen's TFT matrix .

What are LTPO screens and which Xiaomi mobiles make use of these

For example, OLED displays typically use low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) for the thin-film transistors (called TFTs) that make up a display's backplate.

Therefore, it can be said that an LTPO panel uses parts of LTPS and oxide TFTs to form a much more efficient panel in terms of energy . Thanks to their properties, LTPO panels are able to more easily control the changes produced by the refresh rate.

Advantages of LTPO screens

The screens of Xiaomi devices are one of the components that consume the most energy. Although OLED panels are much more efficient than an LCD screen, their energy consumption is greater than that of the communication modules and even that of the processor .

What are LTPO screens and which Xiaomi mobiles make use of these

That is why LTPO panels represent a massive advance, since this technology provides greater flexibility by dispensing with certain additional components that link the display controller to the mobile GPU. What guarantees an optimal management of the frequency of the screen .

Also, LTPO displays are able to drop the refresh rate down to a hertz if needed, and then bump it up to 120Hz or even higher . In this way, energy consumption is reduced by allowing the processor to dynamically vary the refresh rate.

In other words, a panel equipped with LTPO technology is capable of reducing the refresh rate to 1 Hz when displaying static content, and then raising the Hz to the maximum when the screen is in motion to provide the greatest possible fluidity .

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The Xiaomi 12 Pro has an LTPO screen

In this way, it is possible to reduce the number of times the screen turns on or off , which implies significant savings. Of course, this is not a saving at extreme levels, but it is an improvement compared to the energy consumption of a traditional OLED panel with LTPS matrices.

Which Xiaomi devices have LTPO screens?

LTPO technology is very expensive to produce, therefore its distribution is limited. It is for this reason that, at the moment, only the Xiaomi 12 Pro has this technology integrated into its screen .

However, it should be noted that many companies have begun to develop their own TLPO technology. In fact, companies like OnePlus, Samsung, Apple and Vivo already have devices on the market with this type of screen . Therefore, it is only a matter of time before other Xiaomi premium high-end mobiles join the trend.

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