Air purifier: 6 devices for healthy and fresh indoor air

Air purifier: 6 devices for healthy and fresh indoor air

Healthy indoor air is particularly important during lockdown, but unfortunately it cannot be taken for granted – not even if you ventilate a lot. Pollutants can get into your rooms, for example from road traffic. These six air purifiers should quickly eliminate them from the room air.

There are often pollutants in the air. Adhesives in wooden furniture emit formaldehyde, exhaust fumes from passing cars or heavy smoking neighbors increase the proportion of benzene in the air. Air purifiers filter these pollutants and thus ensure a healthier indoor climate.

The devices suck in the surrounding air with a powerful fan. Inside, it is passed through several filters that absorb various pollutants. At the end, the device releases the cleaned air back into the room. Depending on how big the air purifier is, the intake fan will also be larger or smaller. Larger fans spin slower, pull in more air at once, and run smoother. Small fans ensure faster air exchange because they rotate more jagged. But they are a little louder.

Beurer air purifiers: For large rooms

If you live rather generously with wide rooms, the LR 310 air purifier from Beurer may be the right device for you. The device is designed for rooms up to 54 square meters. It cleans the air with a pre-, activated carbon and HEPA filter and removes pollen, bacteria and house dust. According to Beurer, the filter performance is 99.95 percent. In addition, the air purifier has:

  • an illuminated control panel
  • additional air purification by UV light
  • an integrated timer for 2, 4 or 8 hours running time

Tip: Place the air purifier at least 30 centimeters away from walls and large furniture. This is how you guarantee ideal air circulation.

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Dyson Pure Cool Link: air purifier and fan in one

The Dyson Pure Cool Link is an air purifier and fan in one. It is said to reliably remove pollen, exhaust gases, skin particles and bacteria from the air using a HEPA filter with an activated carbon layer. Sensors constantly check the air quality – the device automatically switches to stand-by mode when the room air is clean.

If you find your apartment too warm on hot summer days, you can use the Pure Cool Link as a fan. It gives you a pleasant breeze – with clean air, free of pollutants.

Tip: You can tilt and rotate the air purifier. This is especially useful if you use it as a fan.

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Philips air purifier: one device for the whole home

According to the manufacturer Philips, the air purifier 1000i can clean rooms with an area of up to 63 square meters. That is enough to clean the entire air in smaller apartments from a central room. The device uses a pre-filter, activated carbon and HEPA filter for this. The 1000i thus repays:

  • allergens
  • smoke and particulate matter
  • gases and odours
  • bacteria and viruses

In night mode, the air purifier runs particularly quietly and should not even disturb a baby in his sleep.

Tip: In the case of hay fever, the allergy mode helps to specifically remove pollen from the room air.

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Rowenta Pure Air Genius: Air purifier with four filter levels

The Rowenta Pure Air Genius air purifier specializes in binding toxic formaldehyde from the air in the room. Four filters are installed inside the cleaner:

  • a pre-filter for hair and dust
  • an activated carbon filter for smoke and odors
  • an Allergy+ filter for fine dust particles, pollen and allergens
  • a NanoCaptur+ filter for formaldehyde

The device cleans the air in a ten square meter room in just four minutes. And with a noise level of just 31 dB at the lowest level, the Pure Air Genius can also run trouble-free at any time of the day.

Tip: The Pure Air GEnius automatically detects whether the air in the room is clean or not. Likewise, when a filter change is due.

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Braun Scan & Clean: Fully automatic air cleaning

With the Braun Scan & Clean air purifier, you no longer have to worry about polluted air. Thanks to sensors, the air purifier recognizes the degree of pollution in the air and regulates the cleaning intensity completely automatically. A three-stage filter system, consisting of a pre-filter, washable ECO filter and high-performance carbon filter, ensures that the air is free of dust, dirt particles, odors and viruses.

Tip: You don't have to swap the pre- and ECO filter. They can easily be cleaned regularly. You should only replace the carbon filter after about half a year of use,

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Koenic air purifier: Mobile thanks to the handle

KOENIC KAP 2521 air purifier

Koenic KAP 2521 air purifier Image: © Saturn / Koenic 2020

Thanks to its HEPA 13 filter system, the Koenic KAP 2521 air purifier removes 99.95 percent of particles from the air, while an additional carbon filter binds pollutants, heavy metals and gases. With a battery power of 40 watts, the air purifier can clean rooms with a maximum size of 25 square meters. You have the choice between three fan speeds. The KAP 2521 also has a sleep and night light mode and an air quality indicator. Practical: the air purifier has a handle that makes it easy to carry it from room to room. This is also where the touch control panel is located.

Tip: Use the timer function to set the duration of the air purification to either two, four or eight hours.

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