How to use the whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

How to use the whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has its own whiteboard on which you can draw digitally and share content with colleagues. It's even possible to work collaboratively with others on the whiteboard.

What can the whiteboard do in teams?

Basically, the whiteboard function in teams is suitable for presenting thoughts as graphics or for creating thought sketches. The feature offers various pen tools for this, which can be used with the mouse or manual input on a touchscreen. For example, if you use a tablet with pen input, you can also use Surface Pen, Apple Pencil or S Pen.

In addition, images and even documents can be inserted and various tools such as shapes and emojis can be used. The way it works is comparable to a simple drawing program.


You can work with different tools on the whiteboard. Image: © Microsoft/ Screenshot: 2022

Just like on a real whiteboard, several people can work in teams on the whiteboard and add or delete things. This turns the whole thing into a kind of cooperative work surface for the visual exchange of ideas.

How to enable the whiteboard in Teams

The whiteboard can be accessed at any time in a Teams meeting.

  1. Click or tap the "Share Content" button.
  2. Choose the Microsoft Whiteboard tool from the menu.
Click "Share Content"...

Click "Share Content"… Image: © Microsoft/ Screenshot: 2022

...then select "Microsoft Whiteboard".

…then select "Microsoft Whiteboard". Image: © Microsoft/ Screenshot: 2022

After a brief pause in loading, the digital whiteboard opens.

After a brief pause in loading, the digital whiteboard opens. Image: © Microsoft/ Screenshot: 2022

Save the whiteboard

Of course, the content that you and your colleagues have created on the digital whiteboard can be very important. Therefore, the tool also offers the option of saving them as an image file.

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right.
  2. Select "Export Image (PNG)".


  1. Microsoft Teams offers its own digital whiteboard on which you can record and present thoughts graphically.
  2. Other meeting participants can also collaborate on the whiteboard.
  3. The whiteboard offers various tools such as text tools, pens or the option to integrate images and documents.
  4. The created whiteboard can be saved as an image file and used later outside of teams.

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