Share password on iPhone: How to do it via AirDrop

Share password on iPhone: How to do it via AirDrop

Give your friends access to your Netflix account – AirDrop makes it possible. This is how quickly and securely you can share passwords on the iPhone.

By Sven Wernicke

AirDrop has been around since iOS 7. With this service you can exchange photos, videos and other files directly between iPhones, but also between iPhones and macOS and iPadOS devices. This works without a LAN or WLAN network. Rather, your iPhone establishes its own direct connection to another iPhone in order to transfer encrypted content. In order for everything to work as desired, certain requirements must be met.

Requirements for sharing passwords via AirDrop

Safety has the highest priority. For this reason, you should only send passwords via AiDrop to people who are in your contacts and whom you trust. Conversely, they must allow receiving objects in the control center. You can find the option to configure in the group of controls.

Sharing passwords on the iPhone is only possible if you are logged in with the Apple ID and have activated the iCloud keychain. You can do this under: "Settings > Apple ID > iCloud Keychain > iCloud Keychain" if you haven't already done so during the iPhone setup.

Both the iPhone for sending and the iPhone for receiving the password should have at least iOS version 7 and be switched on. Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as both are required for direct Wi-Fi connection.

Send and receive password on iPhone


You can share the passwords in the settings using the share button. Image: © Screenshot 2022

Sending a password via AirDrop is a useful feature and thankfully quick to access:

  1. Go to "Passwords" settings.
  2. Tap the password you want to share via AirDrop.
  3. Select the share icon and tap the contact you want to transfer the password to.
  4. For security, you must enter your unlock code or authenticate yourself with Face ID.
  5. On the other iPhone, tap Accept when asked if you want to receive the passcode.

Tips for sharing passwords with AirDrop

  • If the password is saved on the other iPhone, you can also display this under "Settings > Passwords". From there, further sharing is possible.
  • You can have the password filled in automatically when logging into websites. Go to "Settings > Passwords > Autofill" and turn the feature on.
  • You can also share WiFi passwords via AirDrop.
  • Similarly, you share passwords with iPads and computers running macOS
  • Don't worry: the transfer is protected by 256-bit AES encryption.


  • AirDrop allows easy sharing of passwords with friends or family members.
  • You share passwords under "Settings > Passwords & Accounts".
  • You should only share passwords with trustworthy people from your contact list.
  • You need to turn on iCloud keychain, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Sending only works with your unlock code or Face ID.

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